Selena Gomez remained hard at occupational on she upcoming Hulu series Only killing in the structure on Saturday, and paparazzi got another look at her character"s exccouchsurfingcook.comnt wardrobe ~ above the show. Gomez was photographed on set in a leather mini skirt, tricolor sweater, sheer black color tights, mustard boots, and also a irradiate blue challenge mask. Gomez looked great, with her hair curled and also center-parted:

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It stand in stark comparison to Gomez"s on-set photos from later on that day, whereby she showed up in character, v her pullover drenched in fake blood. She character was seemingly under arrest:


Gomez has been shoot Only killing in the structure for many of 2021. Not a lot has actually come out about the collection yet, which also stars Steve Martin and Martin Short. Brief spoke in august 2020 come the Daily Beast about the show"s plot though. “It’s around three world who live in among those upscale apartment structures in new York,” he said. “They check out each top top the elevator, they kind of nod, yet they never ever really speak. They don’t also know each other’s names. And also then you find out the each among them go to your individual apartments and also just transforms on true crime and obsesses. And then one time they’re in the elevator with this 4th person. And they find out that 4th person is killed and also they’re established to resolve it. Yet they do a pact: only murders in the building will castle solve. Due to the fact that they can’t it is in bothered to walk outside.”

Gomez shared a little about the show"s vibe on her Instagram Live top top February: “The display is in reality really fun,” she said. “It’s type of a dramedy, for this reason there’s moment that are real and then there are various other moments the are complete chaos and hilarious. I’m working through Steve Martin and also Martin Short and also if you don’t understand their work, through the way, they’re pretty amazing world to it is in around.”

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