Searching because that the an obstacle between 3 ski lodges in Fortnite season 7? Here"s the exact location

We haven"t checked out as many "search here" challenges in Fortnite season 7 together we have in vault seasons, but one to be bound come come eventually. The "search between three ski lodges" is among the challenges in week three for Fortnite this season, and also it sends out players down to the brand new snowy region of the map.

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As you"ve no doubt realised, this part of the map appeared due come the huge iceberg that crashed into the island in ~ the begin of Fortnite season 7. It lugged three new named areas of interest: Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and Happy Hamlet, in addition to a totality lot the snow and also ice that spanned Greasy Grove and the bordering areas.

Where come search between three ski lodges in Fortnite - week 3 challenges

When you search in between three ski lodges, you"re walk to desire to head to the southern component toward Happy Hamlet. Head due west that the cozy winter town and also you"ll find the three ski lodges placed a quick distance far from one another, plainly visible in the snowy tundra.

To discover the complimentary battle star and complete the challenge, you just need to go to the area the 3 ski lodges intersect. It"s just south of the central lodge, as circled in the picture above. You"ll discover it amongst some trees. Communicate with it and also you"ll have actually completed the challenge.

For your ideal shot at perfect this and also not being killed by surrounding enemies, we"d recommend landing at one of the ski lodges because each one have the right to spawn lot of chests. Failing that, friend can additionally head toward Happy Hamlet in ~ the begin of the game and you"ll have more than sufficient gear come loot increase with. If you need a quick getaway after ~ you complete the challenge, there"s a plane that can spawn ~ above a tiny mountain to further to the west.

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