If you"ve been following the exploits the TV personality Scott Disick, climate you know that the self-professed "sex addict" has actually been all aboard the love train recently, parading approximately in public through one mrs after the next. His behavior is additionally tied to a recent, and seemingly final, break v his ex-partner, Kourtney Kardashian, to who he confessed his sex addiction on a mid-May illustration of Keeping Up through the Kardashians.

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The science behind "sex addiction" is hazy and also complicated. The American combination of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists doesn"t recognize it as mental health disorder, saying, "AASECT 1) walk not discover sufficient empirical evidence to assistance the classification of sex seeks or porn addiction as a mental health disorder, and 2) walk not uncover the sexual addiction training and treatment methods and also educational pedagogies to be adequately educated by accurate human being sexuality knowledge." and researchers room in commitment that over there is an obstacle in deciding how much sex qualifies as as well much. (Do you worry that you might be crossing the line? Here"s exactly how you have the right to know.)

Still, there are a number of celebrities, like Disick, who have labelled themselves together "sex addicts," bringing continued attention to the imperfect, and perhaps problematic, term. Right here are some more famous names and also faces top top the list.

David Duchovny


In 2008, the author and X-Files star gotten in rehab because that sex addiction after his marriage with Tea Leoni started to crumble. The two at some point divorced in 2014.

Kanye West


The rap star, who has explored his sexual urges an ext and an ext with Yeezus and also The Life the Pablo, said Details in a 2009 interview the his sex addiction helped him become a star. "People ask me a lot around my drive," that said. "I think it comes from, like, having actually a sexual addiction in ~ a really young age. Look in ~ the journey that people have to obtain sex—to dress like this and get a haircut and be in the club in the freeze cold in ~ 3 a.m., the areas they go to pick up a girl. If friend can emphasis the power into something valuable, placed that right into work ethic..."

Russell Brand


The witty comedian and ex-husband of Katy Perry admitted in his autobiography, My Booky Wook, the he gotten in a 30-day rehabilitation regime to law his sex addiction.

"There"s nothing particularly peculiar or odd around my erotic predilections," that said. "It"s the range of my sex-related endeavors that causes the problems, no the nature that them."

Charlie Sheen


The bombastic actor, who when boasted about having sex through 5,000 women, casually admitted to being a sex addict during a 2013 interview through Dr. Oz.

"Do you think you are ?" request Dr. Oz.

"Sure," claimed Sheen. "I don"t know the an interpretation of it."

Rob Lowe


The long-time heartthrob opened up up about his struggles with alcoholism and sex seeks in his 2011 memoir, Stories I only Tell mine Friends. Throughout the promotional tour for the book, that spoke through Piers Morgan in-depth around the topics of the book, while also extolling the virtues that rehab.

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Nicole Narain

The Playboy version spoke the end in 2010 about her battles with sex addiction, an especially excessive masturbation.

"It was exhausting and also it was scary because it spend my entire day," she said. "I try very difficult not come have any type of triggers roughly me where I would feel favor I should masturbate today."

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