Great for progressed algebra, trigonometry, computer system science and also statistics. Functions 1- and also 2-variable statistics, consisting of linear regression and also trendline analysis.3 memories permit you store intermediate results. Includes constants and conversions for science and also engineering.Includes 8 physical constants and also 10 English/metric conversion functions.Slide-on cover is included.

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power sourceBattery; Solar
Number the Batteries1
Automatic ShutoffYes
case includedYes
depth7.2 in.
height3/4 in.
width3.3 in.
Warranty1-Year Limited
Screen size (Diagonal)2.62 in.
numeric memory capacity3

number that functions500
number of currently in display4
number of characters per line10
key sizeLarge
last number eraseNo
batteries includedYes
modelTI-36X Pro
alphanumeric displayYes
brand nameTexas Instruments
dimensions3/4 in. X 3 3/10 in. X 7 1/5 in.
manufacturerTEXAS instruments INC.

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Product TypeScientific Non-Graphing Calculator

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