If you room on a tight budget and also in require for a travel duffel rojo bag then the Samsonite Andante 22 inch is most likely the finest item you need to buy.

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​Packing is easy with this bag and is comfortable once traveling. This functional wheeled luggage additionally can offer as a rolling carry-on.

The price drop, also more, this year. Friend can uncover the brand-new best price here

This duffel is roomy an interpretation you can pack all the things you take into consideration necessary for her trip. That is in ~ the exact same time tiny enough come be welcomed as a bring on luggage, this variable is an especially important once taking a flight.

The Samsonite Andante wheeled duffel it’s no hard-sided: this renders it simple for you to squeeze as lot as you can until it fits. See just how convenient this is for you. The various other explicit desirable factor ~ above this bag is that is wheels. I think they speak for themselves, they role out their very own importance in your journey.

Main Features

make from 100% polyester

​​​B​​​allistic nylon lining

Sturdy lightweight design

​Large opening

Multiple company pockets

Pull the end handle

​This bring on is totally worth the purchase and it will enable you to take trip in style. The only downside that I deserve to see is the truth that this duffle bag doesn’t have actually a shoulder strap and also you will require to have actually some sewing skills to include one.

Product Description


This rolled duffel bag is lightweight to the extreme. That weighs in ~ only 5.1 pounds and it will fit in the top head compartment of planes.

​It is made from expandable polyester allowing you come squeeze in together many clothes as possible. That lining is do of ballistic nylon.

This 22-inch rojo duffel bag comes through 2 high quality wheels and rolls really easily making it effortless because that you to relocate around and also look innovative also. However, due to the fact that it is two skated, it is impossible to traction the bag upright. The possibilities of it toppling over room high.

​There space multiple pockets in the Samsonite andante wheeled duffel. This is great for proper organization of your luggage.

Different compartments can bring different things and also keep you as organized as feasible during her trip. For example, makeup kit for ladies, her underwear and also business documents for company trips every in their own separate pockets. Imagine exactly how easy it would be come pull the end the things you need when you require them there is no dismantling the whole bag.


The 20.4 inches pull handle( completely extended) has actually been draft for simple movement and also it comes with a locking device to cater for your security. Apart from the retractable handle that is to be supplied when wheeling the duffel, over there are lug handles, one on the height for as soon as the bag is was standing upright and also one on the prior side.


​The duffel is fitted v zippers, one top top the side section and also the other that allows access to the main compartment. The zipper closures are basic to open and also close and are as durable as have the right to be.

It come in a selection of color. It have to be listed that each of the andante bags come in two colors combinations, that is, black-grey, black-red, black- crimson or black-charcoal.

The visibility of SamGuard coating and rugged tri-core nylon cloth makes that resistant to water and also stains.

The bag has a smooth looking design that offers it a classy, stylish and sophisticated edge. This renders it undoubtingly stunning and also too attractive a piece to happen by.


over 12000 bags sold worldwide.

​​​It is very spacious allowing you to pack as numerous things as possible that accomplish your needs. You perform not have to compromise due to the fact that of lack of space.

You have the right to use it together a gym bag without any kind of problem.

it is not tough sided make it feasible to squeeze right into compartments that room not ​roomy enough.

it is perfect because that a carry-on bag. That is accepted on flights together a carry-on, friend are as such assured that no difficulties with trip crews.

it is lightweight and easy to traction through, many thanks to the presence of wheel at the base.

​It has actually handles in ~ the top and middle which room convenient as soon as not rojo the bag.

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​It has sufficient compartments do it much easier for you come organize your belongings.