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Saints heat IV: Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell Cheats because that PlayStation 4

Trophies: Saints heat IV: Re-Elected Trophy supervisor Sprint because that 250,000 meters. discover 100% of all Data Clusters. finish "Welcome Back". spend 2 hours outside of objectives with previous Saints Row personalities as your homies Do every little thing you can for Ben -- Quests, loyalty Missions... Everything. complete "All hand On Deck". Customize the style of all the weapons on your radial. finish "A video game of Clones". kill 100 Aliens making use of the Fire Buff super Power. Freeze and Shatter death 100 Aliens through the frozen Blast super Power. finish "The Saints Wing". complete "Matt"s Back". it is in airborne during Super Jumps because that a merged 10 minutes of gameplay. finish "The real World". select a new element for every one of your superpowers. run from the roof the 3 count to the Nuke Plant, without touching the ground or other rooftops. death 25 Aliens v each: Dubstep, InflatoRay, Bounce Gun, Disintegrator, Abduction, and also Black Hole. purchase your first Upgrade from the upgrade Store. death 100 Aliens v the fatality From over Super Power. invest over 40 hours in the Simulation. Download a brand-new ally into a robotic body. complete all open human being gameplay in 2 districts the the Simulated city of Steelport. kill 100 Aliens with the Telekinesis at sight Power. complete all open human being gameplay in the entire Simulated city that Steelport. death 1000 Aliens through any mix of super Powers. complete "Grand Finale". finish "Batteries no Included". Unlock all Trophies in Saints row IV: Re-elected. Do whatever you deserve to for CID -- pursuits and... Everything. upgrade one weapon to the max. Do whatever you have the right to for Asha -- Quests, commitment Missions... Everything. find 100 Data Clusters. Do everything you can for Matt -- Quests, loyalty Missions... Everything. complete "Hello Teacup". kill 150 Aliens v the Stomp at sight Power. Create and save a personality to her profile. complete "Grand Finale" after ~ completing every Homie missions. Play because that at the very least 2 hours as a masculine character and 2 hours as a woman character. Complete every one of the Challenges. Do every little thing you have the right to for Pierce -- Quests, loyalty Missions... Everything. Do every little thing you deserve to for Kinzie -- Quests, commitment Missions... Everything. Do everything you deserve to for Shaundi -- pursuits and... Everything. discover ALL Audio Logs. finish "A pleasant Day". purchase all Super power upgrades. acquire your first Super Powers. Surrender when offered the chance. finish "Zero Saints Thirty". kill 25 Wardens.
About Time!
Back in the Day
Benjamin King
Better This Way
Blast indigenous the Past
Bouncin" with an Old Friend
Bringin" the Heat
Chill Out
Didn"t have to See that Naked
Don"t look Down
Don"t Panic
Epic jump Quest
Experimental Tech
First of Many
Fist fulfill Ground
Fourth and also Forty
Ghost in the Machine
Half means Home
Here! Catch!
How It should Be
I Am end up being Death
Machine Man
Maximum stopping Power
On she Saint"s secret Service
Ooo A item of Candy!
Paranormal Bromance
Poodle Skirt
Pounding the Pavement
Saints & Sensibility
Switch Hitter
The difficulty King
The face of the Saints
The full Kinzie
The two Shaundis
The entirety Story
There Is No Pancakes
Where"s my Cape?
You Chose... Poorly
Zero Saints Thirty
Zoo Keeper
Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

Trophies: Saints heat IV: how the Saints save Christmas (DLC) Trophy Ring every the bells in town in "Miracle on 3rd Street". finish all 3 missions. complete all instances the Genki Holiday. complete the holiday text adventure. discover all the letters to Santa in the holiday missions. find all the snowmen vignettes in the phibìc Pole. provide a current to Zinyak in "The Santa Clawz". complete all instances that Naughty and Nice. Lick the liquid cane barricade every the way through in "The Fight before Christmas". discover the current in a holiday mission.
...A Saint gets a Gun
A really Genki Holiday
A human being Without Christmas
Dear Santa
Get that child to a Psychologist
He"s tho on the cheeky List
Make a List, check it Twice
Minty Fresh!
Our Gift come You

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

Trophies: Gat out of Hell Trophy dominate all of new Hades through 100% City Take over choose a new element for every one of your mythological Powers acquire a Comet into the Ultor lobby find 75 Barnstorming Diversion areas collection at least five Soul clusters without touching the soil pat Saints Row: Gat the end of Hell Co-op for 3 hours fly from the roof of Snowball"s opportunity to Sinterpol HQ"s roof, there is no landing die in the lava gain your very first Supernatural strength purchase 113 mythological Power Upgrades Fly for 250,000 meter kill 150 Demons v the Stomp supernatural Power Stonify and Shatter kill 100 Demons v the rock Blast mythological Power vehicle surf on a Comet while that explodes complete all open civilization gameplay in 2 districts that the city of new Hades kill 25 Arch Dukes Have 5 Imps attached come you at once kill 50 that your very own summoned Imps In Torment Fraud, struggle 5 vehicles in a heat without emotional the floor purchase your an initial Upgrade from the Upgrade keep get 100 kills with the God"s Hammer punch a vehicle into the lava death 100 Demons making use of the Coldfire Aura mythological Power death 1000 Demons with any combination of mythological Powers have minions death 100 Demons with the Summon supernatural Power kill an Arch duke with a melee attack Smack right into the ceiling 10 times while wall running stand on the tallest mast of the "Queen Anne"s Revenge" win the video game collect all other Saints Row: Gat the end of Hell trophies Play because that at the very least 2 hrs as Gat and 2 hours as Kinzie Fly because that 500 meters while top top fire get 250 kills with the significance of Wrath obtain 250 kills with the significance of Sloth continue to be in contact with the lava for 10 seconds without dice discover 100% of all spirit Clusters find 100 heart Clusters Take down an Extraction facility while ~ above a motorcycle uncover 64 Tomes upgrade one weapon to the max Complete every one of the challenges death 25 Demons v each the the 7 Deadly weapons it is in airborne during Supernatural Jumps or trip for a linked 10 minute of gameplay Shoot under a Spire missile v a blast when hovering Fly consistently for 60 secs spend over 20 hrs in Hell
...My dear Watson
Are you Crazy?
Barn Burner
Cluster Luck
Double Trouble
Epic trip Quest
Extra Crispy
Fallen Angel
Fell from Heaven
Fly, you Fools
Footprints in the Sand
Get Stoned
Gnarly Wave
Hazardous Dukes
Hell Buoy
Let"s Bounce
Level One Demon
Nailed It
Out the the Frying Pan
Plague the Gat
Purple Demons
Put Up her Dukes
Raise the Roof
Saints" Creed
Satan Punchers
Scorched Savior
Seraphim and also Cherubim
Shooting Star
Shut her Eyes
Sloth Love Chunk
Soft Shoe
Soul Drain
Soul in One
Terminal Hog
The publication of More, Man
The Devil"s Dues
The King that Hell
The 7 Deadly Weapons
The wing of Angels
Top Gunner
Twenty-Twenty Vision

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

Trophies: Saints heat IV: enter the Dominatrix Trophy death Zinyak in less than 5 minute in "Save the Planet". kill the Dominatrix in "Escape the Dominatrix". finish all 5 missions. ruin all the eco-friendly polyps inside Paul in "Pop His Top". acquire 250 kills v the Minigun. finish "Meet the Dominatrix" there is no dying. acquire 100 kills with the Flamethrower. damage all the competitor pony carts in "At the Races". gain 100 kills through the Grenade Launcher.

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spend 30 minutes v Raptor Ned as your homie.
All too Easy
Bow to the Boss!
Friend of the Raptors
Health Inspector
Hello little Friend
Rigging the Race
Ultimate warm Potato
Walking the Dinosaur

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent