Sadie Robertson isn"t the best dancer left on Dancing through the Stars, however don"t be surprised if the Duck Dynasty star"s quack strike ends with a Mirrorball Trophy win. Alfonso Ribeiro might be the many talented dancer ~ above the show, but Sadie doesn"t require to have actually the fanciest footwork to prevail -- she has Liam Payne, the South, and two beloved video game personalities in her corner.

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Mark Ballas appealed to Americans" love of nostalgia, popular music culture, and video games critical night when he led Sadie Robertson v a freestyle routine collection in the at sight Mario Bros." vibrant 8-bit world. Note dressed up favor a fabulous sparkly Mario, and also Sadie transformed right into the high-flying, energetic Princess Peach indigenous Super Mario Bros. 2. The couple entered the stage via huge green warp pipes, and also Luigi and also Toad eventually joined your joyful dance. Robertson and Ballas even set their freestyle regimen to the Super Mario Bros. layout song. Girlfriend can examine it out below.

Even though Sadie Robertson"s footwork was a little bit sloppy, the judges to be enamored with note Ballas" creative routine. According to Yahoo! TV, Julianne Hough was prepared to litter gold coins in ~ the couple and Carrie Ann Inaba gushed the their Mushroom Kingdom dance was worthy that the DWTS hall of fame. Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas received a perfect 40 because that the fun freestyle.

Ballas and Robertson are a killer combination. Ballas is an excellent at comes up with themed dances that are vast crowd pleasers, and also this season he"s created routines the appeal to various various crowds -- there to be the Halloween zombie program for pan of The walking Dead, the Up-themed regime for Pixar lovers, last night"s supervisor Mario Bros. freestyle for video game junkies, and his bearded and feathered number aimed at appeal to Duck Dynasty fanatics. Sadie and also Mark likewise treated pan to an encore performance of the Duck Dynasty dance critical night, and they scored 38 points because that the redo.

Speaking of Duck Dynasty, pan of the Duck commander clan could be Sadie Robertson"s an enig weapon against Alfonso Ribeiro and Janel Parrish. Together CarterMatt clues out, the "Southern vote block" assisted Bristol Palin and Bill Engvall critical much longer on Dancing v the Stars than they should have. It"s true the neither Engvall nor Palin take it the Mirrorball Trophy home, but they weren"t very good dancers. Sadie in reality has sufficient talent come take her to the top.

As the formerly reported, Robertson also got a substantial endorsement as soon as One Direction singer Liam Payne went to her dance rehearsal come let her know that he"s a fan. Liam also asked his 18.6 million Twitter followers to vote for Sadie, and this can give the Duck empire star a very huge boost.Hey anyone I practically forgot please vote for
Real_Liam_Payne) November 25, 2014If Sadie wins, expect Alfonso Ribeiro and also Janel Parrish supporters to blame this tweet for giving Sadie one unfair advantage.

Sadie Robertson"s YouTube see are additionally evidence of she popularity. Critical week she and Mark Ballas perform an Argentine Tango that acquired over 285,000 see on YouTube. In comparison, Alfonso Ribeiro"s Argentine Tango only earned a little over 33,000 views. However, Alfonso brought back his funky Fresh Prince the Bel-Air movies for an energetic jazz routine previously in the competition, and also it"s tho the most-watched DWTS video clip of the season with almost 5 million views. America really, really loves The Carlton.

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Alfonso Ribeiro earned two perfect scores last night, and his freestyle was incredible. He was the first DWTS contestant to do a insanity solo, and his fancy footwork really wowed the crowd. As the formerly reported, the tap dance was a funny throwback come Ribeiro"s Broadway days.

Do friend think Sadie Robertson will shock everyone by beating out Alfonso Ribeiro and also Janel Parrish for the Mirrorball Trophy tonight on the Dancing through the Stars finale?