They"ve to be dancing roughly the speculation for weeks, however now, tho reeling native the many shocking cut in the show"s five-season history, "Cheetah Girl" Sabrina Bryan admits the she and also her Dancing with the Stars pro partner, mark Ballas, room dating. "We"re going the end tomorrow," says Bryan, introduce to Sunday the 4th. "He"s taking me the end for a surprise this weekend and also he won"t tell me what the is. He"s joking that it"s our first date because we"ve constantly hung out, numerous times, millions of dinners. However this is different."In an exclusive interview, TV overview spoke come Bryan top top Saturday night, the an initial full work she was earlier in Orange ar after a blizzard that media appearances in Los Angeles and brand-new York. "People were so angry," states Bryan, who was both touched and also surprised through the solid reaction to she ouster top top Tuesday night. There is word on the web that there may be protest indications in the audience on Monday night. "For the producers and also the talent come come increase to

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Deborah Starr Seibel Nov. 4, 2007, 1:00 a.m. PT

They"ve been dancing roughly the speculation because that weeks, yet now, quiet reeling native the most shocking reduced in the show"s five-season history, "Cheetah Girl" Sabrina Bryan admits the she and also her Dancing through the Stars agree partner, note Ballas, are dating. "We"re going the end tomorrow," says Bryan, introduce to Sunday the 4th. "He"s acquisition me the end for a surprised this weekend and he won"t call me what the is. He"s joking that it"s our an initial date due to the fact that we"ve constantly hung out, numerous times, countless dinners. Yet this is different."

In an exclude, interview, TV overview spoke to Bryan on Saturday night, the very first full day she was ago in Orange county after a blizzard that media appearances in Los Angeles and brand-new York. "People to be so angry," says Bryan, that was both touched and surprised by the strong reaction to her ouster ~ above Tuesday night. Over there is indigenous on the net that there might be protest signs in the audience on Monday night. "For the producers and also the talent to come increase to united state after the show was amazing, since they to be so upset. Carrie Ann was in tears. And also when I experienced her in ~ The see a few days later, she was still emotional about it."

For she part, Bryan has actually been remarkable self-possessed and also gracious around leaving the show. However her true feelings came out 2 days later on when she danced through Ballas again top top The View. "That was the very first time ns actually confirmed a little an ext of a vulnerable side and cried due to the fact that Mark and also I go our Cha Cha again (their run from the first week the competition) and we want to execute it the same means that we did in the beginning," claims Bryan. "And as soon as it ended, it was so heartbreaking due to the fact that we knew us weren"t going to get a chance to really show America what we want to do in the competition. We had actually so numerous amazing concepts for the freestyle! castle were simply spewing out of us. It was so disappointing."

And currently that she"s home, over there is a huge void. All of these celebrities, who"ve to be practicing so hard, run on fumes for the very first days and also weeks after ~ the show. Yet for Bryan, it has actually been completely disorienting. "It"s so weird not to be rehearsing best now," she says. "And I"ve to be sitting below thinking every day, ‘The various other six people are at a TV overview cover shoot ideal now. Oh, dang it!" As lot as civilization wanted to make it seem favor it to be so straightforward for me because I knew other develops of dancing, it wasn"t at all. It to be a huge challenge and I"m so sad not to it is in doing that anymore."

Bryan claims that Ballas take it the defeat also harder 보다 she did. "He"s such a responsible person that he just feels choose he fail me," claims Bryan. "And I"m like, ‘Dude, you didn"t!"" Bryan claims she cranked up she VCR to make her point. "I had actually Mark re-watch the part where they asked us to leave, and also then you hear all the uproar. And you feel all the stress in the studio. Ns told him, ‘I won"t enable you or me to obtain into a an adverse mode. This to be an amazing experience. Mark, look, even civilization who to be voting for Marie and also Jane still thought we were great. Castle can"t believe that we"re not in the competition and also that is something girlfriend can"t ask for. A lot of of civilization leave this compete unnoticed, but we room going out through a bang.""

Bryan and also Ballas fight it off from the start. They"re both high power performers, castle both sing and also dance (Ballas is the lead guitarist and also lead vocalist in a tape called virtually Amy), and they"re both perfectionists, difficult workers and also extremely driven. "When ns walked into the rehearsal room the first day and also found out that my companion was, it was so exciting," says Bryan, thinking ago to so late August. "I would"ve been happy through anyone, however I think he has actually a yes, really cool edge. And also he"s incredible. He to be Julianne Hough"s companion for five years, therefore you recognize he"s good."

Ballas, having actually taken note from Hough"s experience, provided Bryan the low-down. "He said, ‘Women have actually a lot more tough time top top Dancing through The Stars since the main focus of the pair is an alleged to be the woman,"" states Bryan. That isn"t even so much that they have actually to complete with the male celebrities. According to Ballas, states Bryan, the bigger trouble is that "the woman stars have actually a difficult time completing with the expert women."

But Bryan and Ballas repetitively wowed the crowd. And behind the scenes, they came to be dear friends. "He"s just so close to me," claims Bryan. "I mean, I"m in a music group now v the Cheetah Girls. And one of my biggest fears was stepping away from them and also not having someone about me that i felt to be my true family. The Cheetah girls feels favor family. And also the reality that Mark and I to be able to obtain so close so easily was so awesome. It made every little thing so comfortable. The made me may be to trust him in ways that would"ve stopped or held ago my performances had actually I no trusted him."

And back Byran acknowledges that world started talking about them as a pair weeks ago, she states they haven"t gone down that road – until now. "We"ve to be so focused on the competition," says Bryan. "But now that that has passed away down, we"ll watch where it goes. Us haven"t had actually a possibility to do any kind of of the or also talk around it. Us didn"t even realize that world would think that about us until they began asking us. Since you get so close come someone, you obtain so comfortable, the you don"t also see it."

But the dead giveaway may have been the moment when Bryan referred to as Ballas "Baby" on the air when they stated their thank-yous on the dance floor in former of millions.

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Bryan laughs. "I constantly call the ‘Baby Marky." i absolutely love and also adore him."