Samsung"s most powerful for 2014 has actually arrived! Samsung Galaxy S5 is pack with one of the most powerful processor, camera and health features. We have all the tutorials, instructions and also tips on how to obtain the most out of her phone ~ above this Category:All around Samsung Galaxy S5.

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You can hide items on her Samsung Galaxy S5 come protect contents against accessibility from innocuous persons. Once you have set Samsung Galaxy S5 into Private Mode, you have the right to now start hiding documents on her device. Disabling Private mode will hide the items selected, while Private mode is enabled. Private setting is likewise disabled at any time the call is rotate off.

Method 1: allow and Disable Private mode (Marshmallow)

Method 2: Hide materials with Private setting (Marshmallow)

Method 3: View and also Remove items indigenous Private setting (Marshmallow)

Method 4: enable and Disable Private mode (Kitkat)

Enabling and disabling Private mode plays a critical role in hiding and showing any type of selected content. To enable or disable exclusive mode, follow these procedures.

Go to your device"s home screen

On Private setting page, tap on the switch switch on the upper-right part of the phone"s screen
Switching the button to the left turns Private setting off.
It is vital to note that once Private mode is turn on, all covert applications will be shown. Once Private setting is turned off, all hidden applications will not be displayed on her device.

Method 5: Hide components with Private mode (Kitkat)

To be able to hide files (music files, video clip files, photos, and others) on your device, follow this procedures:

Go to your device"s residence screen

From the perform of applications icon on her device, choose the application that is supported by exclusive mode
Private mode supports these applications:

Gallery - girlfriend can choose music files, screenshots, video files and photos taken on your Samsung Galaxy S5.
Video - girlfriend can pick the video files on the video app.
Music - girlfriend can pick the music papers on the Music app.
Voice recorder - girlfriend can pick the taped audios ~ above the Voice Recorder app.

Method 6: remove items from Private setting (Kitkat)

When gotten rid of from private mode, items deserve to now be viewed on your phone whether Private mode is enabled or disabled. If you desire to eliminate items native Private setting on her phone, follow these procedures:

Set Samsung Galaxy S5 right into Private Mode
Go to home > Apps > setups > Private setting > put the switch to the right to turn the function on.
Go to your device"s house screen

Method 7: see all files made private (Kitkat)

If you desire to view every one of the item being safeguarded by private mode, you can go come the My records to watch them. Follow these steps to do that:

Go to her device"s house screen

Questions and also Answers

Moving items native memory card from private setting would they tho be clearly shows if you take it memory card out and also put the in an additional device?

Does memory card hide documents in privatemode

They are discovered under .hide once you mark them come private. Once you execute that even if you save to the SD card, it will still it is in in the .hide of internal memory. If you wish to conserve these files, then affix your phone to the PC and also transfer them.

Can girlfriend help? Hello. I supplied the back to factory settings choice on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Ns was told the none the my pictures would get deleted and private pictures, but they all got deleted and also I had actually some an extremely important picture-documents top top my private pictures.

Hello. I offered the ago to factory settings alternative on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Ns was told that none the my pictures would get deleted and also private pictures, however they all acquired deleted and I had actually some really important picture-documents on my private pictures.

Firstly, inspect your microSD map for any missing files. You have the right to use any file manager for that favor X-plore. Manufacturing facility resetting will not delete something from your microSD card. Also, if you formerly backed up your contents on your computer, usage the program that you have actually resorted to to gain back your contents. The most renowned program for S5 models the you can launch have the right to be Kies or clever Switch. Both deserve to restore her manual earlier up.

If the data was extremely important, climate you must switch off her smartphone immediately and also ship it come SalvageData. SalvageData, or any kind of other data restore service, will carry out its best to extract info from her formatted smartphone. You have the right to submit your situation right ~ above the net site to gain your quotation.

I think my husband placed a software program on mine phone to track me?

I think mine husband put a software or an app on my phone to monitor my place and/or who I am calling and/or texting which websites i visit, etc. How deserve to I find out if he has?

This is not simple task, as modern application tend to mask themselves rather well. There room some oblique indicators though:

negative voice call quality through some weird beeps and also noise ~ above the background;

View old files saved privately on brand-new phone?

I had actually to send my S5 in because that repair, how can I check out the documents on my SD card the I had moved come the private mode on my old S5, I can see 5GB that files yet can"t view any type of of them

Basically, friend can"t. Otherwise, it would defeat the function of personal Mode due to the fact that anyone could use your SD card. It saves to inner memory and even once you move it come the SD card, it reverts or saves as encrypted. Possibly running a crack regime would open the files however that could damage the remainder of the records on your SD card.

WHEN I shot TO HIDE mine CALLER identifier THEN i AM NOT enabled TO MAKE any kind of CALLS. Just how DO i CANCEL THIS?


Samsung support has created a accuse on just how to hide your caller i.d.. It will only work-related for do calls and not for SMS. Additionally, some countries and also carriers execute not enable you to hide your caller i.d. If this is your case, then you can take into consideration using a 3rd party application to make calls and also mask her identity. However, if the human being you space contacting has an app like True Caller allowed then your identity will present up for them also if you shot to mask the call. Your number likewise might show on their actual difficult copy cellphone bill if they inquiry to itemize.

Hi there I"ve got an S4, just how do ns unhide contents?

Hi there I"ve got an S4, how do i unhide contents

Whether you are in collection or mine Files, you have the right to tap the more in the setups of those apps. There will be a section for concealed items. Click that and also you can show all or personally the items you great to unhide. This is because that the Kitkat OS. If you have been upgraded come Lollipop OS, girlfriend can affix your phone to Kies and search for items through .hide attached.

How to uncover the "private" folder once transferring documents over to a computer system if it is not activated?

I dropped my phone and now the entire display is black, the phone call still attributes as I can unlock it, open apps, receive calls but I cannot check out anything on the screen. So i am obviously obtaining a brand-new one but I wanted to transfer all my files over come my computer system so I have the right to have lock saved. I have actually several photos and pictures covert through the private function and together the display screen is black I can not activate the exclusive function, even when I try my finest going off my memory i don"t think I am unlocking exclusive mode. So is there a method to uncover the photos in the exclusive folder top top my computer when I attach them or not?

You deserve to run a search for .hide in ~ Kies but without Private mode disabled, you may simply be transferring files that you will certainly never have the ability to open unless you crack the encryption.

I can"t locate my apps icon on the extreme right hand side of mine favorites bar?

There"s no apps symbol on my Galaxy S5

This taken place after the Lollipop OS update. You deserve to either go to Settings and then Display and toggle the Multi Window role OR lengthy press ~ above the screen and you will be able to change settings and widgets for your house screen.

How to complimentary up an are on Samsung Galaxy 5?

I have actually a Samsung Galaxy 5. That is speak the memory is nearly full. Mine contacts are taking increase an enormous amount that space. As soon as my daughter collection up mine phone, she imported all of my Yahoo email contacts right into my phone contacts. Now I can"t delete them. Ns don"t require them in mine contacts. Ideas?

You can login ~ above the computer to Google Contacts. These room your phone call contacts. Girlfriend can modify within the website and also then sync her phone because that the changes. The other option is to walk to people in her Apps list and also deselect Yahoo. Reboot the phone and see if they space gone from your contacts. If you have actually the Yahoo application then walk to Applications Manager and also Clear Cache and also Data within the app. Then delete it and also re install yet this time pick not to sync Yahoo email contacts through your phone contacts.

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If girlfriend have problems with any type of of the procedures in this article, please ask a inquiry for more help, or article in the comments section below.