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Ryan McCartan & Victoria Justice talk Fox"s Rocky Horror, very first Impressions, & On set Games


Through a series of occasions at the Frankenstein Place, Rocky Horror"s central couple is presented to sex, transvestites, and rock "n" roll.

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couchsurfingcook.com recorded up v the dynamic duo to talk around taking on these iconic roles, filming Rocky Horror, their very first impressions, and more.

My an initial impression of mine co-star:

Ryan: i was really excited to job-related with her. Her reputation proceeds her and also her reputation is point out on. I was just so happy with just how nice she was. Ns thought, ‘Oh good, ns love this person! I’m not going to dislike this job.’

Victoria: us met in ~ a display screen test and I psychic thinking, ‘He has actually the perfect look for Brad. Ns hope this guy deserve to sing.’ climate we began singing ‘Over in ~ the Frankenstein Place’ and also he sounded great. Then ns thought, ‘Oh, this guy is awesome!’

The number i was most excited to film as soon as I gained the job:

Ryan: ‘Dammit Janet’. Ns think I was in denial. I completely forgot I had to it is in in the rain because that days; I totally forgot I had actually to it is in in mine underwear for 2 weeks; i forgot I had actually to be in drag for 2 weeks; all ns was thinking about was, ‘I obtain to carry out “Dammit Janet”, yay!’

Victoria: ns couldn’t wait to execute so countless things: ‘Dammit Janet’, ‘Touch Me’ (of course) ‘Over at the Frankenstein Place’. It was so cool to recreate these moments that room so iconic. Gift in Toronto, filming at an really castle, having actually the rain maker going, and also then holding increase the newspaper—it to be such a pinch me moment.

My most nerve-racking work on set:

Ryan: it was never really nerve-racking. The environment Kenny and also the cast created to be seamless and also wonderful.

Victoria: ns was more than likely the many nervous to film my solo in "The Floor Show" because it was really interesting choreography. We were channeling burlesque dancers—like Natalie timber in Gypsy— and also my choreography incorporated this spiky, uncomfortable boa. I didn’t acquire to practice with it until a work before, so ns was nervous due to the fact that it was the most intricate choreography I had to do, but it was still really fun.

My an initial reaction once I experienced myself in my Rocky horror costume:

Ryan: the was really cool. I remember that vividly. The costume to be finalized, I placed it every on, and I thought, ‘Wow this is great.’ and also subconsciously I thought something is missing. Climate they come in and hand me the glasses and I thought, ‘Oh yeah. Over there he is. The is Brad Majors 100 percent.’

Victoria: world kept telling me i reminded lock of Jackie O in the blue suit and the white gloves is wearing at the wedding. That was cool.

One of ours favorite points to execute on set between takes:

Ryan: we played games all the time. She loves top Up and also I hate Heads Up—I’m awful at it. We would certainly play that and 20 Questions and I Spy. That was great to pass the time and keep us awake. That was really fun.

Victoria: we played a most Heads increase —I love top Up. A the majority of 20 concerns as well.

The first memory that Rocky fear in mine life:

Ryan: I might have been 12 or so however I walk to check out the musical v my parents because my sister was in it. She was one of the Transylvanians and also the principle for her costume was a slutty nun, so the was a weird situation for the family, but once we obtained past the early stage awkwardness the it i was like, ‘This present is incredible.’ then I experienced the movie and also I said, ‘I have to play Brad someday.’ ns knew that i would however I never thought it would be prefer this though.

Victoria: as soon as I to be in fifth grade my ideal friend at the time Shannon said, ‘Oh you have to see this movie. It’s so cool.’ therefore we started watching that together. I had actually never checked out anything like it and also I love it. It to be so different and weird and interesting. I loved the music. Then I went to my very first midnight showing once I to be 15.

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I’m in awe of my co-star’s capability to:

Ryan: ns in awe the her capacity to it is in so unbelievably successful and also so busy and yet completely composed, down-to-earth and nice. It is a testimony to her character and something ns really admire around her. 

Victoria: ns in awe the his ability to have a one-liner for everything. He is so quick. He has actually a comeback because that everything.


Tune in come FOX on October 20 to view this killer pair together Brad and also Janet in The Rocky Horror photo Show.