Canada is recognized for that is hockey, donuts, and actors named Ryan. Indeed, Canadian Ryan"s is just one of the country"s best exports. Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are two of the top leading men in Hollywood today. Gosling and Reynolds starred in standard movies and also blockbusters. They can both genuinely carry out it all. Of course, both actors have their strengths.

Ryan Reynolds is known for his comedic performances and sense that humor. He often gives wonderful dramatic performances, yet his comedy always steals the show. Ryan Gosling is ideal known for his dramatic performances. Both men have great careers and also are married to incredibly talented women.

many fans assume the Reynolds and also Gosling need to be ideal friends because they"re both Canadian and named Ryan. Of course, other fans have actually a challenging time informing them apart. Gosling and Reynolds have a special friendship that couple of people called Ryan ever have. It"s time to take it a closer look at the 2 Ryans. How Close room Ryan Reynolds and also Ryan Gosling?

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13 Meeting at The Critics selection Awards

when Ryan Reynolds met Ryan Gosling, it was choose the an initial time Deadpool met Spider-Man. In 2016, Gosling and Reynolds met in ~ the Critics selection Awards. They could have met prior to but no in such a windy setting. For some fans, the was remarkable to view the two Ryans standing alongside each other. Of course, various other fans were surprised to realize Gosling and also Reynolds are two various people. In ~ this point, Gosling and Reynolds space friends, yet maybe sooner or later they deserve to be bros.

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12 They"re not The very same Person

together noted, there"s a huge part that the population that doesn"t realize Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds room two various people. Other fans mix the 2 up because they have the same first name and also are Canadian. Reynolds and also Gosling find it funny that part fans can"t tell castle apart. Of course, it"s not just the name as they both have comparable appearances as well. However, it does should be said. Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are not the very same people.

11 They have actually A lot In Common

together noted, fans often confuse Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. Component of the reason is the similar names and heritage. They have a the majority of differences, such as their movie roles, acting ability, and genres. However, they have actually a lot much more in common, consisting of career choices and relationships. Lock both accomplished a great deal of reputation in Hollywood and started families in similar ways. They also have comparable dashing good looks and charm. The course, they both express your talents in two really different ways.

10 A story Of two Ryans 

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds room two very proud Canadians, which must make them friends. They relocated to the joined States and conquered Hollywood. They"re both Canadians yet from different areas in the country. Reynolds was born in 1976 in Vancouver, brother Columbia. Gosling was born ~ above the other side the the country. He to be born in 1980 in London, Ontario. They both could be Canadian however grew up in two an extremely different parts of the country.

9 They started Young

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds both started their careers at the period of 12. Reynolds landed his first role in the Canadian television collection Fifteen. He also had duties in The Odyssey and The external Limits. Gosling had his big break once he landed a point out on The Mickey mouse Club together future stars Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. Gosling additionally had functions in Canadian TV series The Adventures Of Shirley Holmes and also Are You fear Of The Dark? 

8 castle Both Married Actresses They Met on Set

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds space friends however not the kind that discusses every facet of life. Lock just occur to monitor a comparable path. Indeed, they both married beautiful actresses castle met top top set. In 2010, Reynolds met Blake Lively once they operated together ~ above the movie The eco-friendly Lantern. Eventually, they gained married and have two children. In 2011, Gosling met Eva Mendes once they worked together on the movie The Place beyond The Pines. Eventually, Gosling married Mendes, and they have two daughters together.

7 Rachel McAdams knows Which One Is the best Kisser

It"s not uncommon for friend to shot to peak the other. In 2004, Ryan Gosling and also Rachel McAdams recreated the famous kiss step from The Notebook after ~ the pair won best Kiss. The following year at the Teen choice Awards, Reynolds determined to try and outdo Gosling. Reynolds provided McAdams a steamy kiss together well. McAdams is the only one that deserve to tell the fans which one is a far better kisser. That course, it feasible she thinks they"re the same person too.

6 Jake Gyllenhaal Trolls Ryan Reynolds and also Claims Ryan Gosling Is Reynolds" Twin

as noted, fans assume Ryan Reynolds and also Ryan Gosling space either ideal friends, related, or the same person. Of course, celebs favor Jake Gyllenhaal chose to jump in and add fuel come the fire. During a promotional tour, Gyllenhaal joked that Reynolds and also Gosling are more than relatives yet are twins. Gyllenhaal and Reynolds frequently enjoy trolling each other. Reynolds even went in addition to the joke. However, it only made fans more confused end the friendship between the two Ryans.

5 Ryan Reynolds removes Up The Difference

Ryan Reynolds is recognized for being one of the funniest celebs on social media. Indeed, Ryan Gosling is the opposite and also has no social media presence. A fan tweeted that they don"t recognize the difference in between Gosling and Reynolds. Well, it turns out that they"re no the only ones. Reynolds stepped in and answered because that both of them. Reynolds detailed they have different hair colors due to the fact that Gosling has actually light brown. Of course, he used a particularly nasty indigenous to describe himself simply to drive the point home.

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4 Ryan Gosling Has much more Google Searches than Ryan Reynolds 

In 2018, Google revealed the many searched names of the last twenty years. In a surprise, both Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds topped the list. However, it was Gosling that edged the end Reynolds to be the most searched name. Gosling and Reynolds continue to be two that the most renowned actors in Hollywood today. Of course, there"s naught wrong with a little friendly competition in between two Canadian friends called Ryan. It"s also possible that they"re the most searched names due to the fact that fans still can"t tell castle apart.

3 Blake Lively and also Ryan Gosling wish Ryan Reynolds A Happy Birthday

Ryan Reynolds and also Blake Lively are among the funniest couples on social media and love come troll each other. In respectable 2017, Reynolds wished his wife a happy birthday and also included a snapshot of the couple with lively cropped out. Vivid wasn"t simply going to take it that and also got revenge v some assist from Ryan Gosling. In October 2017, lively wished her husband a happy birthday and also included a snapshot of the two Ryans. That course, this time, Reynolds was the one cropped out.

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2 Fans Debate about The ideal Ryan

Ryan Gosling and also Ryan Reynolds space two that the greatest stars in the world. They"ve both landed major roles in the industry. The course, fans dispute which Ryan is the far better one. Indeed, fans regularly argue around which Ryan lock prefer. There space times the sheet goes to Reynolds because that his feeling of humor and also portrayal the Deadpool. That course, Gosling has his supporters that love his significant performances and also will never ever forget The Notebook. It"s one of those debates that"ll rage on for years.

1 The Bromance breaks The Internet

together noted, Ryan Reynolds and also Ryan Gosling publicly met at the 2016 Critics choice Awards. Castle posed for a collection of pictures that finished up top top the internet instantly. That course, Reynolds and Gosling are friends, yet they"re not quite finest bros yet. However, the didn"t stop fans native freaking out. Indeed, Reynolds and also Gosling"s blossoming bromance had fans, and the media buzzing everywhere the world. Possibly one day, Reynolds and also Gosling will be more than just friends. They"ll it is in BFFs.

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