Eric Nies, Seaboy 1 (New York)

Ah, the OG Real World heartthrob. After design Eric Nies graced our screens as among the first salso strangers picked to live in a home, he ongoing a partnership via MTV, hosting dance show The Grind (which likewise featured a pre-fame Camille Grammer!) and also made numerous appearances on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge over the years. He parlayed his success on The Grind into The Grind Workout, a multi-platinum video series. According to his webwebsite, he's worked as a life, health and wellness, nutrition and also wellness facilitator, a spiroutine overview, and also an addiction rehabilitation facilitator for over a decade. He's also a "license CyberScan quantum power practitioner, and also a licensed Doctor of Pastdental Science and also Medicine." His webwebsite supplies booking availability for solutions as varied as personal individual or group retreats (priced at $1,000 a day) to 90-minute phone sessions (at $300 a pop). 

Kevin Powell, Seakid 1 (New York)

As outspoken as he was about race relationships throughout The Real World's inaugural seaboy in 1992, it came as no surpincrease that Kevin Powell parlayed his fame right into a career of journalism, political activism, and writing. He offered as a founding staff member and senior writer for Vibe magazine until 1996, created for various other publications such as Esquire, Rolling Stone, and The Washington Post, interperceived and also profiled Colin Powell and also Tupac Shakur, and also published 11 publications, consisting of the 2015 memoir, The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy's Journey into Manhood. In 2006, he launched his first of 3 bids for United States Congress, seeking to unseat Edolphus Towns in New York's 10th congressional district. He shed each time, finally judgment out a fourth run in 2012. He's been married to wife Jinah Parker because 2017.

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Tami Roman, Seaboy 2 (Los Angeles)

After becoming the initially perboy to have an abortion on fact tv as a cast member on the second seakid, set in Los Angeles, Tami Roman married pro basketball player Kenny Anderson in 1994. And despite divorcing the previous NBA player in 2001, she parlayed that connection right into a reality television resurgence, joining the second season of VH1's Basketsphere Wives in 2010, where she remains among the encounters of that franchise. She's likewise dabbled in some acting work, as well, and also will certainly appear in Octausing Spencer's upcoming Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told.

Rachel Campos, Seaboy 3 (San Francisco)

When Rachel Campos arrived in the City by the Bay for seakid three of The Real World, she announced to her new roommates that she was a proud Republican. So, it should've come as no surpclimb that she's parlayed those views right into an extensive TV career. After competing in Road Rules: All Stars in 1999—wbelow she met future husband also Sean Duffy, whom she married that year, coming to be Rachel Campos-Duffy—she completed in an on-air audition for Debbie Matenopoulos' gig on The View, a duty she sought out again as soon as Lisa Ling and Elisabeth Hasselbeck left, losing out each time. She's uncovered secure job-related on the Fox News network, showing up as a commentator on mirrors like Outnumbered, wbelow she's a recurring guest organize, Fox and also Friends, Hannity, and The Ingraham Angle. She and Duffy have nine youngsters.

Jacinda Barrett, Seachild 4 (London)

After the Australian native joined the fourth season—the show's first to film overseas—she attfinished the British Amerideserve to Drama Academy in Oxford prior to embarking on an acting career that began through a segment in the anthology horror film Campfire Tales in 1997. Since then, she's showed up in films favor Ladder 49, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Poseidon and TV reflects prefer Suits, The Following and also Bloodline, wright here she played wife of Kyle Chandler's John Rayburn. Following an engagement to comedian Chris Hardwick, she married Suits star Gabriel Macht in 2004. They have 2 kids together. And we'd be remiss out on if we didn't point out that she was the just Real World star to attend a imperial wedding, earning herself a ticket to previous Suits star Meghan Markle's 2018 nuptials with Prince Harry.

Sean Duffy, Seaboy 6 (Boston)

After outspoken Republican Sean Duffy made his dehowever in the show's 6th seakid, he made a few more appearances on the netjob-related, once in 1998's Roadway Rules: All Stars (wright here he met wife Rachel Campos) and in 2002's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. In 2002, he was appointed to Ashland also County district attorney by previous Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum, a seat he was chosen to unopposed in 2004, 2006, and also 2008. In 2010, he resigned from his position to focus on a campaign for Congress in Wisconsin's seventh congressional district, a race he won. He continues to be in Congress, having bconsumed eincredibly Democratic challenger to come his way. As he and also his wife welcomed their ninth boy, daughter Valentina StellaMaris, in October 2019, he announced he was resigning from Congress to focus his time and attention on his family.

Irene McGee, Seachild 7 (Seattle)

Irene McGee's early on leave from the Seattle-based seventh season of The Real World continues to be one of its many infamed for the method that cast member Stephen Williams attacked her through a slap to the confront after she referred to as him a homosexual on her means out the door. Regardless of claiming her leave was lugged on by a flare-up of her Lyme Disease, Irene later on stated that she wanted out because of honest objections over the production of the display. She went on to earn a master's level, began the podcast No One's Listening, held a radio talk present, co-established the wellness education site, began a nonprofit Nap4Lyme to raise awareness and money for Lyme Disease, and has lectured at colleges and also conferences nationwide about media manipulation and media literacy. She is the mom to a young daughter, also named Irene.

Amaya Brecher, Seaboy 8 (Hawaii)

Oh, Amaya. Who can forgain watching her hopelessly pine after Colin in the show's tropical eighth seaboy despite the way he treated and also spoke to her? In the 20 years considering that her season, she's contended in two periods of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, done some VO occupational, held on radio, and also lectured at colleges around body photo and also self-esteem. She's also a voracious Twitter user. And if you're wondering what the status of her and also Colin's relationship is these days? This tweet, making hilarious use of the Mariah Carey "I don't know her" meme ought to clue you in.

Ruthie Alcaide, Seakid 8 (Hawaii)

After a more-than-memorable scolor on The Real World's eighth season—that have the right to forobtain the paramedics arriving to take treatment of her extremely intoxicated self on day one?!—a now-sober Ruthie Alcaide showed up on four seasons of The Challenge before taking her career behind the camperiods, functioning as a manufacturing coordinator and assistant on dozens of film and TV sets. She's likewise dabbled in acting, starring in the 2018 film The Rainbow Bridge Motel, which she additionally co-created. Dedicated to her sobriety, Ruthie likewise functions the lecture circuit, educating civilization around substance abusage.

Kelley Limp, Seakid 9 (New Orleans)

After sorority girl Kelley Limp starred in the show's Big Easy-set nine season, she did her requiwebsite one seaboy of The Challenge in 2002 prior to meeting husband (and also former Party of Five heartthrob) Scott Wolf through a common friend the very same year. The two tied the knot in 2004, the exact same year she made a guest appearance on his latest gig, Everwood. The couple have three youngsters and also reside in Park City, Utah. These days, she works as a certified life coach, making appearances at lecture series to talk FLOW, or Finding Love Over Worry.

Danny Roberts, Seaboy 9 (New Orleans)

When openly gay Danny Roberts appeared on the show's 9th season, he helped put a challenge to the UNITED STATE military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" plan that banned gays form openly serving in the equipped required as his boyfrifinish, an officer, had actually to have actually his challenge obscured so that he wouldn't be discharged like the more than 1,200 servicemembers were that year. After completing in a seakid of The Challenge in 2002, he even more or less retreated from the spotlight—save for showing up in a handful of episodes of short-lived Logo soap DTLA in 2012—and also, as he revealed in Entertainment Weekly in late 2018, currently stays in New York City, functioning as a digital style recruiter. The father to an adopted daughter also revearesulted in the magazine that he's been living via HIV since around 2011. He's remained cshed to costar Kelley Limp, informing the outlet she's "my life sister," including, "She was one of the initially human being I turned to and talked to. She has been solid and also helped me via this."

Mike Mizanin, Season 10 (Back to New York)

When Mike Mizanin showed up in the show's tenth seachild, always obtaining schooled by Coral Smith for his admittedly narrow-minded views on race and also sexuality, it was clear that his personality was larger-than-life. But who could've predicted simply how much he'd go on to accomplish? After presenting us to The Miz, his transform ego, in one episode, he went on to make the character a expert wrestling gimmick, initially completing in the fourth season of truth series Tough Enough, which awarded the winner a contract with WWE and $1 million, in 2004. Despite placing as runner-up, he was offered a developpsychological contract and also he inevitably made his main roster debut in 2006. It was tbelow that he met girlfrifinish and fellow wrestler Maryse Ouellet. The two tied the knot in 2014 and also are expecting their first child this autumn. In 2018, he and Maryse began starring in truth series Miz & Mrs on USA, which was freshly renewed for a second seaboy.

Trishelle Cannatella, Seaboy 12 (Las Vegas)

Following her titillating appearance in the Sin City-collection 12th seaboy, where she was one-3rd of an unforgettable hot-tub make-out sesh, Trishelle Cannatella did the MTV Challenge circuit for a variety of years, completing in 4 periods from 2003-13. She was also among the first actors to reunite totally for a mini-series 5 years after their original seaboy, spending two weeks with all her old roommates ago in their plush suite at the Palms Hotel and also Casino in 2007. Outside the MTV universe, she showed up in reality reflects like Celebrity Poker Showdown, Dr. Steve-O, and Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling. In current years, she's lived a life outside of the spotlight, enjoying married life via husband also John Hensz, a fighter pilot through the Louisiana Air National Guard and pilot for Delta. The 2 tied the knot in New Orleans in 2017. 

Chris "C.T." Tamburello, Seaboy 13 (Paris)

OK, as if you should know where this guy has been. After starring in the show's 13th seachild, its second set awide, in 2003, Chris "C.T." Tamburello basically came to be an MTV mainremain. Because 2004's RR/RW Challenge: The Inferno, C.T. has actually completed in an astounding 15 periods of the spin-off series. He's likewise appeared in all 3 seasons of off-shoot The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. Over the years, we've watched as he's grvery own up, fallen in love with fellow Challenge contender Diem Brown, had to suffer the loss of her tragic fatality from cancer, welcome child Christopher Tamburello Jr., and also marry Lili Solares in 2018. Despite his long-running career on MTV, he's constantly maintained a job off-camera, as well, telling Rolling Stone in July 2018, "I always took the guaranteed present money and also came residence and obtained a task...I've been doing actual estate and construction for years."

Simon Sherry-Wood, Seaboy 13 (Paris)

After introducing the world to his boyish good looks in the show's Paris-collection 13th season, Irish-born Simon Sherry-Wood has gone on to preserve a well-deserved modeling career. He even joined RuPaul's Drag Race as among the members of seaboy six's Pit Crew, aka the eye candy carried in to assist out throughout difficulties. He most freshly attfinished the 2019 GLAAD Awards alongside fellow LGBTQ Real World alumni Ruthie Alcaide and Anessa Ferreira, invited by Facebook to celebrate the show's relocate to the social media website.

Jamie Chung, Seakid 14 (San Diego)

Alongside London's Jacinda Barrett, seachild 14's Jamie Chung is among the few Real World stars to make the leap to a legit acting career. After a guest star appearance in a 2006 episode of Veronica Mars, Jamie landed a 2007 arc on Days of Our Lives, complied with by a recurring gig as Mulan on Once Upon a Time, Valerie Vale on Gotham, and also a starring role on Fox's recently-canceled The Gifted. On the film side, she's popped up in Grvery own Ups, The Hangover Part II and also Part II, Big Hero 6, and also Office Christmas Party. She and actor Bryan Greenberg tied the knot in October 2015 after three years of dating.

Cameran Eufinancial institutions, Seachild 14 (San Diego)

After making truth TV debut at the tender age of 19 in the first San Diego-set seakid of The Real World ago in 2004, Cameran Eubanks made her go back to the genre a decade later on as one of the original actors members of Bravo's Southern Charm, which adheres to the individual and expert stays of seven socialites living in Charleston, South Carolina. In in between seasons one and also 2 of the display, which is presently in its sixth seaboy, she married husband also Jaboy Wimberly. The 2 invited their initially kid, daughter Palmer, in November 2017.

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Karamo Brown, Season 15 (Philadelphia)

When the world first met Karamo Brown in the show's 15th seachild, he became the first out gay black man on reality TV. While he competed in a season of The Challenge after that, he spent almost a decade functioning as a social worker, putting his level from Florida A&M University to usage. Beginning via Bethenny Frankel's eponymous talk show in 2012, he started serving as a correspondent on numerous talk shows, including Dr. Drew on Call and Huffwrite-up Live before returning to MTV in 2017 at the hold of Are You the One: 2nd Chances. But everything changed for Karamo in 2018 once he favored to sign up with the new Fab Five in Netflix's resurgence of Queer Eye, serving as the resident culture professional. In March 2019, he released a memoir entitled Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and also Hope, and also launched a podactors 2 months later on. In 2007, Karamo learned he was the father of a 10-year-old boy named Jason, whom he got custody of that year, adopting Jason's half-brother Chris in 2010. In May 2018, he came to be involved to his partner of eight years, Ian Jordan.

John Devananzio, Seakid 17 (Key West)

Similar to Chris "C.T." Tamburello, we're sure we hardly have to fill you in on what John Devananzio, otherwise recognized as Johnny Bananas, has been approximately considering that he made his dehowever in seachild 17 of The Real World. Like C.T., he's made a career out of The Challenge appearances, competing in a record 18 seasons, and also the three seasons of off-shoot Champs vs. Stars. He's additionally come to be the host of NBC's First Look, as well as dabbled in a little bit of acting, via a role in the 2018 film The Head Thieves. As for whether his time on The Challenge will ever before finish, he's not so sure. "Obviously, yeah, as soon as I die," he joked to E! News in February 2019. "There will, yet once that is, I have actually no principle."

Paula Meronek, Seakid 17 (Key West)

Perhaps we should say Paula Beckert now. The fan-favorite and also two-time The Challenge married Jack Beckert in 2014. Since then, the couple invited 3 children that are frequently spotted on Paula's Instagram. Because her last appearance (her tenth!) on 2013's Rivals II, the fan favorite and two-time champ has actually been living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, she commemorated seven years of sobriety in November 2020. 

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