a fast review or an overview of key points of information, generally oral: This quick rundown the past occasions will lug you approximately date.

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Baseball. A play in which a base jogger is caught between bases by 2 or more players of the the opposite team that toss the ball earlier and soon in an initiative to tags the jogger out.
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recap, synopsis, run-through, sketch, outline, recapitulation, review, briefing, report, précis, résumé
to reason or allow (an engine, battery, etc) to shed power gradually and also cease to role or (of an engine, battery, etc) to carry out this
(tr, normally passive) to tire, sap the stamin of, or exhausthe was thoroughly run down and also needed a holiday
nautical (tr) to collide with and cause come sink(intr, preposition) to navigate so as to move parallel to (a coast)
the process of a motor or mechanism coming progressively to a standstill after the resource of strength is removed

Stop because of lack of power or force, together in The alert clock finally ran down.


Make or be tired, cause to decline or be decreased in health or vigor, together in His long illness ran the down, leaving him through no energy, or after that huge assignment his strength ran down.


Collide with and knock over, as in The speeding motorist ran down a pedestrian.


Chase and also capture, together in Police detectives ran down the suspects.


Trace the resource of, as in She ran under all the references at the library.


Disparage, as in Don"t run him down, he"s a talented actor. additionally see put down, def. 4.


Also, run one"s eye over. Look at over, review, together in Let"s run down the membership perform again and see if we can pick a delegate, or She ran she eyes end the crowd, searching for her husband.

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In baseball, tag out a runner between bases, as in We could have won yet in the last inning they ran down 2 of our runners.


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