Ever because Alpha 18, gardening hoes have been removed and also farming currently requires the building of farm yard plots. One requirement to handmade them is rotten flesh.

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Now it need to not it is in too tough to find rotten flesh in a video game where the vast majority of adversaries are rotting people, but I can"t discover a way to obtain rotten meat from dead zombies.

How have the right to I reliably uncover rotten flesh?


I"ve found 3 dependable sources:

Killing and skinning zombified pets with a knifeDestroying human body bags

The complying with may it is in a spoiler, however there is one location which consists of a high amount of rotten flesh.

If friend travel east from the pine forest trader, you"ll pertained to a crossroads. Turn south in the little town previous the pawn shop, then east again and also follow the dirt road. When you hit the next bigger street, turn north and also you will uncover Carl"s Corn and also Bob"s Boars. This area has actually a lot of disc corpses around, and also other loot. This area also contains a mystery area, with more corpses. The high quantity of dead bodies can be an indicator regarding what you may expect there.

Keep in mind that the game resets a ar if friend activate a search related to that ar (e.g. A having quest, etc.), which allows you to loot the ar again before the reset timer expired.



The just reliable technique I"ve found so far is from butchering zombified pets (birds, dogs, bears, etc). Person zombies carry out not show up to give any flesh.

It can additionally be found randomly in containers, yet I haven"t noticed whether any kind of particular form is more likely come contain it.


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