Ronda Rousey is known as the baddest woman on the planet, but after you get done spring at this photos, civilization might start saying the Travis Browne is the luckiest man on the planet. Ronda is a UFC room of Famer, was part of the first women’s WrestleMania key event, and also is simply an outright awesome woman that gets a most praise for she in-ring and in-cage work, yet should additionally get worship for exactly how amazing she looks.

She has done photoshoots because that Maxim, swimsuit shoots and even posed because that the ESPN body Issue, showing off how an effective she is physical. And then some of these photos room going to show off how sexy she is and also how if you weren’t told she was a previous UFC fighter, you could be reasoning fashion model. Travis is certainly a lucky male to speak the least and also these photos are going come prove simply that.

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15 Expendable Legs

~ above the runway because that the Expendables 3 movie premier, Ronda Rousey mirrors off a small leg in this long dress. At 5-foot-7, she might not be the tallest woman, but this dress is absolutely doing her wonders and is a fantastic look for the runway in what is a beautifully completed look.

14 The Weigh-In

in ~ every UFC event, men and also women need to weigh in to make certain they have actually met weight. The generally means stripping down their garments to certain the apparel don’t include on part extra pounds. Therefore this photo was a pretty common sight for UFC fans and also Travis, together Rousey looks to do weight because that a fight.

13 The this evening Show

when Ronda Rousey proved up because that The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon ago in 2015, she wore this black, see-through dress and looked much more like the numerous actresses the Fallon has on every night, rather than someone promotion her upcoming UFC fight. She definitely plays the component of promoter well.

12 A Casual Look

Travis Browne probably sees this look at pretty often, together it’s a nice casual jean and shirt look the Ronda Rousey used for a advertisement shoot. Lull can definitely be sexy, especially if you have actually the right body because that it. Who wouldn’t want to view this every solitary day once they come home?

11 creative Flare

This photo is certainly out of Ronda Rousey’s lull zone, together it’s an artistic shot that sees she so far removed native the ring and also cage. Yet it’s proof the Rousey is definitely a beautiful mrs who has actually an eye for the camera as she passes off very well for a model, quite than a fighter in this vulnerable photo.

10 little Black Dress

They to speak every mrs should have actually a little black dress in their closest and also this dress is definitely kind fitting and also amazing feather on Ronda Rousey together she makes the premier carpet because that Furious 7. It’s a subtle look for Rousey, through a dash of silver- from the choker she has.

9 Red Carpet Star

once the red carpet comes out, it’s time to bring the ideal to the red carpet. Ronda Rousey to be a two-time ESPY compensation winner because that Female Athlete that the Year, doing so in 2014 and also 2015, and also was likewise the first Mixed Martial Artist to success an ESPY award. She cleaned increase the awards and cleaned up well for the carpet.

8 WWE Red Carpet

A different red carpet picture of Ronda Rousey during her days in the WWE where she put on this all-white dress. Travis has to love a mrs who deserve to go from black to white without lacking a step, together Rousey pulls off the all-white look at that can be very difficult to perform in this amazing deep reduced dress.

7 In The Cage

UFC rule prohibit ladies from wearing make-up once they space fighting in the cage, but this shot shows what Ronda Rousey would certainly look favor if she ditched those rules and also glammed because that fights. This was an ext for a movie than a real fight and shows a the opposite of beauty and also fierceness the Ronda is well-known for.

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6 reflecting the foot Again

Hopefully, Travis Browne has a thing for legs, due to the fact that Ronda Rousey has actually a an excellent pair. To think this mrs beats up other women for sport in the UFC and in the WWE, due to the fact that you might fool anyone into thinking this was a print advertisement for a sweater or some high fashion line.

5 Ronda working Out

To get the body she needs to compete, Ronda Rousey has certainly seen plenty of time in the gym. This photo shows her core power and the body she has constructed that isn’t simply a lethal weapon in the cage, but also stunning to look at. Ronda continues to prove that power is a sexy characteristics of women.

4 Rowdy Ronda Rousey

Travis Browne is a lucky male in that he have the right to say his mam was component of the very very first WrestleMania women’s main event. In addition to Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, Rousey main evented last year’s WrestleMania, and also a lot of that is since of who she is and also the name acknowledgment she lugged to the match.

3 earlier On The Runway

has anyone got exhausted of looking at Ronda Rousey ~ above the red carpet runway yet? This photo especially makes she look favor a model much more than athlete, and she can easily shift to a make-up version or fashion design if she want to. And little black costume suit her very well.

2 small Black pants Suit

because that the Mile 22 premier, which had actually Ronda Rousey functioning with mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg, Rousey made decision no dress this time and went pants and also showed off some top skin than lower. The a great look because that Ronda, showing off her powerful upper body strength in this outfit.

1 violet Days

We often don’t watch Ronda Rousey in a the majority of color, however purple might be her best friend. Below is Ronda all ready for another carpet run in this purple dress that simply screams class and also elegance. And those aren’t 2 words that involved mind first when Ronda is around, as greatly it’s power and also fear in the cage.

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