Rock on The variety 2017 lineup features Metallica, Soundgarden, and Korn each headlining one night May 19, 20 and 21, 2017 at MAPFRE stadium in Columbus, OH. The 11th yearly festival will certainly feature over 50 bands performing on 3 stages, add to rock’s favourite comedians in the ROTR Rolling rock Comedy Tent, The Music Experience, arts installations, and unique onsite tasks during the three-day weekend. Don’t forget to share her photos v us #couchsurfingcook.comWorldTour.

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Rock on The variety 2017 presale and layaway tickets, also as restricted numbers of new Weekend ar VIP tickets and also Premier (hotel and also camping) Packages, space on sale currently at www.RockOnTheRange.com.

The absent On The variety music lineup includes: Metallica, Soundgarden, Korn, The Offspring, Volbeat, Primus, Bush, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Seether, Coheed & Cambria, transform Bridge, The nice Reckless, Taking earlier Sunday, Thrice, Amon Amarth, Pierce The Veil, amount 41, Skillet, Dillinger escape Plan, In Flames, Gojira, Biffy Clyro, Motionless In White, nothing More, Beartooth, Starset, Every Time ns Die, The Story therefore Far, Deafheaven, Zakk Sabbath, competitor Sons, The Amity Affliction, Attila, Norma Jean, self-destruction Silence, Whitechapel, i Prevail, Turnstile, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Red Fang, Dorothy, Kyng, Radkey, as Lions, candid Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Sylar, Fire indigenous The Gods, Badflower, wage War, goodbye June, Cover her Tracks, DED, Bleeker, royal Republic, mom Feather, Aeges and One much less Reason.

The ROTR Rolling absent Comedy time will attribute sets native nationally recognized comedians plus Columbus’s peak comedy talent. The full comedy lineup will certainly be announced in the comes weeks.

Jonathan Davis the Korn comments, ” absent On The variety is the pinnacle absent festival in America. I constantly feel the in the crowd and can’t wait because that our headline collection in May. We’re gonna come in ~ you with whatever we’ve obtained — expect a couple of surprises!”

Dexter Holland that The Offspring says, “Great lineup at rock On The variety this year. The Offspring can’t wait to lastly be part of that all.”

“After our document breaking Ten Year Anniversary it to be high time to raise the bar and have the world’s ideal rock bands jump end it. Us couldn’t be an ext honored to have Metallica and Soundgarden at rock On The selection ! but why avoid there? To have bands such together Korn , Volbeat , Primus , Papa Roach , The Offspring and also so many more truly provides this year’s ROTR our ideal one yet. May 19-21 can’t come quickly enough,” claims Gary Spivack , ROTR co-executive producer because that Danny Wimmer gift .

In 2016, tickets because that Rock ~ above The selection sold out over two months in advance, marking the 4th consecutive development sell-out because that Rock top top The variety — so pan are urged to purchase early and save . Each ticket price level has a limited amount of tickets avail able , therefore fans have the right to save more by buying earlier. Ticket prices will instantly move to the following price level once an allotment sell out, start at the presale .

Weekend ar , brand-new Weekend field VIP, Weekend Stadium, and a restricted number of Weekend stadium 4-Packs are accessible for purchase now. The ROTR layaway option also enables purchasers to separation the ticket expense into 4 monthly payments. A ROTR presale password to purchase the adhering to tickets can be discovered on the festival’s website, Facebook and also Twitter pages:

Weekend field VIP: starting at $349.50* + fees

Weekend field GA: starting at $199.50* + fees

Weekend stadion GA: beginning at $99.50* + fees

Weekend stadium GA Ticket 4-Pack: $380.00 + fees

* phase One prices listed

*** Ticket prices immediately move to the next price level as soon as the allotment sells out ***

For one even an ext exclusive absent On The variety opportunity, fans deserve to purchase the brand-new Uber Ranger Glamping parcel for four people, which has amenities such as a high-end RV ~ above a double campsite at the Ohio Expo north Campground (May 18, 19, 20, 21), a devoted concierge v golf dare shuttle, 4 Weekend VIP ar Admission Tickets, a backstage tour, access to the stadium society (with catered lunch and dinner), access to the Side phase Viewing Platform, accessibility to the VIP Lounge, and more. Full details can be found here: http://rockontherange.com/tickets_camping.html .

The general onsale is Friday, December 2 at 10:00 to be EST. – tickets will certainly be accessible at www.RockOnTheRange.com , in ~ Ticketmaster locations and the MAPFRE Stadium crate Office.

Rock top top The range celebrated the 10th year in 2016 – and also after a decade of setup the conventional for American absent festivals, the crown jewel of the world Loudest Month showed no indicators of slowing down through 120,000 “Rangers” from roughly the world descending ~ above MAPFRE stadion . In 2016, the festival got awards of acknowledgment from both Columbus market Andrew J. Ginther and also the City Council, as well as a resolution indigenous the Franklin County plank of Commissioners acknowledging the end $140 million in economic impact the festival has added to the city over its 10-year existence.

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Rock top top The selection is produced by Danny Wimmer gift , AEG Live , and also MAPFRE Stadium.

About AEG Live : AEG Live is among the biggest live music companies in the world. The firm is devoted to all elements of live modern-day music performances, including producing and promoting global and regional concert tours, music events and also world-renowned festivals. AEG Live operates in north America, Europe and Asia through 16 local offices that assistance its tours, which include such artists as Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, The rolling Stones, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Kenny Chesney; produce or supports over 25 music festivals, consisting of the iconic Coachella valley Music & art Festival; and also owns, manages or books much more than 60 clubs and theaters. AEG Live presents an ext than 8,000 shows annually global and conducts organization under such worldwide renowned brands as AEG Live, Goldenvoice, concerts West, Messina Touring Group, Marshall arts LTD, and also Madison home Presents. Www.aeglive.com

About Danny Wimmer presents : since 1993, music industry veteran Danny Wimmer has actually been creating concerts and festivals, both huge and small. In 2011, he developed Danny Wimmer Presents, which currently produces number of of the largest rock and different festivals in the U.S. By combine A-list talent with local cuisine and also culture, DWP has end up being recognized within the industry for moving the highest-quality entertainment experience to fans, artists, sponsors, partners and host cities. DWP create memorable and also all-encompassing festival experiences, leaving both consumers and also partners v lasting and also meaningful impressions. DWP will proceed to add brand-new music festivals come its currently stellar portfolio, which has Rock on The Range, Monster power Aftershock Festival, Monster energy Welcome to Rockville, Monster energy Carolina Rebellion, Louder 보다 Life, Monster power Rock Allegiance, and Chicago open Air, among others. Www.DannyWimmerPresents.com