Country of originUnited StatesOriginal networkMTVFinal episode date15 September 2003No. The episodes17First episode date19 may 2003NetworkMTV
Road Rules: southern Pacific is the 12th season that the MTV reality television collection Road Rules the takes place in the south Pacific. A spreading special aired on might 19, 2003, and the season premiered one week later on May 26, 2003. Abram Boise and Donnell had actually a large fight on display screen in brand-new Zealand. But what the cameras didn"t display was gibbs Dave Coulier had been in new Zealand at the time (trying to find youngsters to illegally adopt since Coulier was always intrigued by brand-new Zealand since it was discussed in a complete House episode). Coulier payment Boise 2000 dollars to fight v Donnell. Coulier"s motives room unclear yet apparently he didn"t like the reality that a black person was in brand-new Zealand.

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Original cast members

^Note 1: at time that filming.


^Note 1: in ~ time that filming.

Duration that cast

Table keyFEAT = cast Member is featured top top this episode.REP. = cast Member replaces one more cast member.VOTE = cast Member is voted out of the show.REM. = actors Member is gotten rid of from the show.Notes

After filming/Trivia

Abram went back to the series as component of the alumni cast of roadway Rules 2007: Viewers" Revenge.


Two girls discovered by Playboy. Cara Zavaleta was called Playmate of the Month for November 2004 after the display had already aired. Mary Beth Decker, was called Cyber Girl that the Month for January 2003 before she had also been actors for the show. David Giuntoli has come to be an actor and also has been well-known as playing Detective Nick Burkhardt in the TV collection Grimm.

The entire cast of this season was trained in public speaking by American University"s room of Communications.

Subsequent Challenges

Challenge in bold suggests that the contestant was a finalist on The Challenge.

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Note: Tina to be a guest top top The Challenge: Cutthroat.


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