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This main onTalking Smack,Renee Young was faced with the rumor that she and also Dean Ambrose were privately married, dodging the question yet later confirming the the rumor is accurate.

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In recent days, both Renee Young and also Dean Ambrose had actually been spotted wearing rings on WWE television. Fans very first noticed this onMonday Night raw on April 10th, through something the looked a lot prefer a wedding ring being viewed on Dean Ambrose’s finger throughout the show.

Did Dean Ambrose & Rene Young Ge Married? Ambrose Looked come Me put on A Wedding Ring tonight On #RAW

— agree Wrestling Ultd (

The speculation escalated top top Tuesday once Renee Young was viewed wearing a ring leading up toSmackDown Liveand then onTalking Smack.It’s pretty plainly visible in the WWE video clip below:

WWEDanielBryan claims "star-power" is comes to Tuesday nights, when one Superstar is certainly STAYING PUT!

— WWE (

Then, top top Talking Smack,theSmackDown Liveaftershow, Renee Young was straight asked around this twice. As Dolph Ziggler gone into not long into the broadcast, he was holding a half-eaten apologize in his hand, other Renee Young discovered weird.

“What carry out you have, an apple in her hand?” Young asked.

Ziggler conveniently shot earlier with, “Yeah, what’s in her hand? What’s on your fingers?” This was plainly a referral to the reality that Renee Young to be wearing a new ring on her finger, despite she had actually been keeping it off camera throughout the show.

Renee Young sheepishly dodged the question, just saying “Nothing” and moving on.

Later, Kevin Owens to be a guest ~ above the show, and he immediately congratulated Young and came very close to getting into more specifics. It was unclear even if it is Owens legitimately wasn’t certain whether castle were enabled to talk around the marital relationship news or even if it is he was just messing roughly with Young.

“By the way, congratulations,” Owens said. “You understand why I’m saying congratulations? Right? to be I…is this a thing?”

Shane McMahon interrupted Kevin Owens to say the they aren’t talking about this, yet Owens kept almost spilling the beans. Young looked genuinely upset during every one of this, and she go her ideal to relocate on without addressing what Owens said.

“Congratulations on friend coming here toSmackDown, that’s what we have to be talk about,” Young said, and the marital relationship was not brought up again.

On Wednesday morning, Renee Young took to Twitter to confirm the marriage, thanking viewers because that their kind words. She did no actually specify as soon as she and Dean Ambrose had actually their wedding, just saying the they are now married.

Marriage is nice. Many thanks for all the love ☺️❤️

— Renee Young (
ReneeYoungWWE) April 12, 2017

It was likewise addressed ~ above Talking Smackthat Renee Young and also Dean Ambrose were break-up apart in the superstar shower up regardless of the reality that they room a actual life couple. Young claimed on the show that she is “not at sight pumped about it.”

“Should ns blame either of girlfriend guys?” Young inquiry Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. “Who need to I take that up with?”

Bryan jokinglytold Young the she should totally blame this top top Shane McMahon.

It’s not daunting to recognize why Renee Young and also Dean Ambrose can want to get married the end of the public eye. Young has actually said that she gets constant hate on social media from civilization making death threats and also saying she’s not an excellent enough for Ambrose, and Ambrose says he has plenty of stalkers.

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“I get countless a fatality threat…I mean, there’s a most anti–Renee Young pages the end there,” Young claimed in a recent interview withVegas Seven.