the a bird, it’s the shade of a newborn baby girl, no wait! the Reese Witherspoon’s wedding dress (the first one of the night, not the second, which to be white). People has the coveted photos of she March 26 wedding come Hollywood certified dealer Jim Toth:

Wearing a custom-designed Monique Lhuillier blush-hued gown through a Chantilly lace corset bodice and full tulle A-line skirt, Witherspoon, 35, “wowed,” states a guest. “She took your breath away.” The gown to be adorned through a double-face silk satin ribbon through cascading silk flowers, which matched the dress of Witherspoon’s daughter Ava, 11, who served as maid of respect in her own custom Lhuillier. Hooray because that accuracy: Reese suitable Ava, no the other way around.

Reese Witherspoon’s Wedding photos

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here’s the Pink dress Reese Witherspoon gained Married In

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