Reed Avocado is the biggest avocado variety and that is additionally considered to be the best-tasting. The fruit can conveniently weigh over a pound and be pack with premium texture and also flavor.

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The USDA hardiness zones offer a guide to varities the will prosper well in certain climates. Every zonecorresponds come the minimum winter temperatures competent in a given area. For finest results, makesurethat your hariness zone lies within the region compatibility the the range that friend areconsidering.

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Reed Avocado Tree is self-fertile, yet the fruit crop will belargerif the tree is planted v a second tree.

Reed is the biggest avocado selection and that is additionally considered to it is in the best-tasting. The fruit can conveniently weigh over a pound and also be pack with remarkable texture and flavor. Reed avocados have eco-friendly skin and buttery yellow-Green flesh that is rich and also creamy that. The fruit is perfect for agakmall or sliced because that sandwiches as it does not discolor once it is cut open ! not as cold tolerant as various other varieties, it will certainly require defense in the colder areas of ar 9. The fruit is sensitive and also not commonly grown commercially, therefore the Reed avocado is one both a unique and ideal choice for a residence orchard.

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25" - 30" elevation with 15" spread out if left unpruned. Avocados have the right to be organized to listed below 10 feet with summer pruning. Avocados make great hedge plants and also can be planted as close as 5 to 8 feet top top center,

25" - 30" height with 15" spread if left unpruned. Avocados can be held to below 10 feet v summer pruning. Avocados make an excellent hedge plants and can be planted together close together 5 come 8 feet ~ above center,

Plant 5 come 8 feet top top center. Right for high density planting

Avocados choose fast-draining necessary soil. Avocado trees prefer complete sun however young trees require some protection from warm sun till they construct dense foliage. Water avocados top top a regular basis throughout warm seasons. Avocados perform not like cold wet soil and also can easily develop root rot if they remain wet for long periods. They are additionally sensitive come cold and also may require proection native frost. Avocados space often alternative bearing and the fruit crop will be larger if the tree is planted with a 2nd avocado tree.

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