number in between radians every second and degrees every second is 57.295779513082. This means, the radians per 2nd is larger unit than degrees per second.

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Calculation procedure of value

1 radians per second = `(1.59154943091895*10^-01) / ((1/360))` = 57.295779513082 levels per second1 levels per 2nd = `((1/360)) / (1.59154943091895*10^-01)` = 0.017453292519943 radians every second? radians per 2nd × `(1.59154943091895*10^-01 ("Hz"/"radians per second")) / ((1/360) ("Hz"/"degrees every second"))` = ? levels per 2nd

High precision

If between radians per 2nd to hertz and hertz to degrees per second is specifically definied, high precision from radians per 2nd to levels per 2nd is enabled.

Since an interpretation contain rounded number(s) too, over there is no sense for high precision calculation, however if you want, you can enable it. Save in mind, that converted number will be inaccurate early out this rounding error!


radians per 2nd to levels per 2nd chart

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radians per seconddegrees every second

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radians per second

Definition that radians per second unit: = Hz/(2 × π). Radian per second is actually a unit the angular velocity, yet radian deserve to be treated as a dimensionless number. Follow to this, angular velocity have the right to be converted straight into rotations per second. One hertz is equal to (2×π×rad) / s. is derived SI unit of measure.

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degrees every second

Definition of levels per second unit: = 1/360 Hz. Levels per second is a variant of the angular velocity unit. One hertz frequency is equal to transforming a full circle (360°) in one second , 1 Hz = 360 deg / s.