Indianapolis, IN – Quality carriers LLC, a leading provider of tractor and trailer leasing, and its parental company, 19th funding Group LLC, will start a wind under of its organization operations in March, leading to an eventual closing.

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In a Worker convey Retraining an alert (WARN) letter submitted to the Indiana room of Workforce development on February 26, 2020, James Zender, basic counsel for 19th resources Group, says the company will permanently nearby its Indianapolis, IN-facility.

“While an accurate date because that the closure has not been established, that is guess to begin taking place on or ~ March 27, 2020, and also the bulk of employees will certainly terminate employment during the 14 day period beginning April 27, 2020,” Zender wrote.


Celadon provided these invoices and also inflated truck values to conceal millions of dollars the losses from investors.

In April 2019, Danny Williams, 36, of new Palestine, IN, the previous head of Quality, pled guilty come conspiracy to commit securities fraud, make false statements to a public company’s accountants, and also falsify books, records, and accounts that a windy company.

Also in April 2019, Celadon itself gone into a Deferred Prosecution commitment with the government, under which it is mandatory to salary restitution that $42.2 million.

Then in December of critical year, Celadon’s former chief operating officer (COO), wilhelm Eric Meek, 39, and also former cook financial officer (CFO) Bobby Lee Peavler, 40, both that Indianapolis, were every charged in an indictment filed in the southern District the Indiana.

Both men face charges of one count of conspiracy to commit cable fraud, financial institution fraud, and also securities fraud; five counts of cable fraud; 2 counts the securities fraud; one count of conspiracy to make false statements come a windy company’s accountants and also to falsify books, records, and also accounts the a windy company; and also one counting of do false statements to a publicly company’s accountants.

U.S. Department of righteousness (DOJ) officials calculation the complicated securities and bookkeeping fraud scheme led to a ns of more than $60 million in shareholder value.

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It is important to keep in mind that 19th resources reiterated come TNN it has not been affiliated v Celadon since October 2018.