Without opening up the "kids and screen time"debate once again , there are some objections and challenges,unique to Pokémon Go.

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As you can imagine, a game that places cute little avatars on avirtual map, will obviously catch anyone"s attention. Indeed, therehave been cases of people wandering into traffic as they look at theirvirtual map screen, while walking their avatar towards a nearbyPokémon.

Though the map displays streets, you can"t see the traffic andother hazards in this animated augmented reality scenario. Toremind users of these dangers, there is a warning that appearsevery time you re-open the app, and another as you"re about toplay.

Here are pics of these engaging (and I would hope effective)warning screens:



The game also senses when you"re in a vehicle, so it confirmsthat you are not the driver, before allowing you to continue. Ofcourse a user could find a way to cheat this system, but Ipersonally think that Pokémon Go"s developers, Niantic Inc.,deserve huge kudos for including warning signs and safeguards thatvirtually no other gaming or app company has instituted. Besides, people were bumping into things and wanderinginto traffic, long before Pokémon Go appeared on the scene.

One Clear and Present Danger of Pokémon Go: Your DataPlan

The biggest real downfall to Pokémon Go is the simple fact thatit uses so much cell phone data. I haven"t felt this pinch, becausemy son is a fairly conservative user, and I have a sizeablebusiness data plan. But this is by far the number one complaint ofparents that I"ve talked to. Since it"s a game that is played whilebeing out and about, there is very little WIFI generally availablefor the game. If you have an expensive data plan, thiscould be a real concern.

The Brighter Side of Pokémon Go

When I allowed my son to hijack my very new iPhone for a recentroad trip, I didn"t expect any positive outcomes. I was pleasantlysurprised to see that the developers have done some amazing thingsto get kids outside, and keep them there.

In his quest for Pokéballs, my son quickly discovered thehottest Pokéstop where he could get "recharged" (at the City Hallin the small Québec town where we were vacationing). Once, andsometimes twice a day, he would ask that I pull into the parkinglot, until he received more Pokéballs.

He also requested that I chauffeur him around the littlevillage, which brought us to a beautiful municipal beach, through acentury old neighbourhood. This is where I was sold onPokémon Go.

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He asked that we park the car, and walk. Hecould see on his map that some Pokémons were in a nearby park, anda very rare Pokémon would become available, but only if we walked 5kilometres (about 4 miles) within the next 24 hours. So, Pokémon Goactually challenged him to get more exercise, and brought us tobeautiful places that we would otherwise not have visited. Bigthumbs up from this parent.