Thinking about painting your ceiling the same shade as the walls? wonder if it will certainly ACTUALLY make the room look bigger, or if that’s just too much of the same color for one space?

If you select a dark shade for the walls, then using it ~ above the ceiling is a pretty bold move. (And if you’re a interlocutor person, then this might be best up your alley!)

White is constantly a safe choice, especially with white walls, but there are certainly times when you can prefer to use shade on the ceiling.

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So, exactly how do you determine whether you need to paint the walls and also ceiling every one color? i can’t offer you a clear reduced answer one means or one more without seeing your details space, yet I can re-publishing some info with you to aid simplify the decision making process.

Let’s walk over the pros and cons of paint the ceiling the same color as your walls.


Here space a couple of more tidbits that I want to share about wall and ceiling colors.

If friend don’t desire to repaint the ceiling and walls the very same color, white isn’t your just option — over there are lots of awesome spaces that have a bolder ceiling color.

One last note — if you want to repaint the walls and also ceiling with the exact same white color, go with a level or matte complete on the ceiling (unless it’s a bathroom), satin or eggshell ~ above the walls, and semi-gloss on any doors and also trim that you’re painting.

This will certainly make the a little an ext interesting without having to find different whites that work-related well together.

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Final Thoughts

What do you think? carry out you like when ceilings and also walls space painted the exact same color? Or do you think ceilings must be painted in the standard “ceiling white”?

Personally, ns feel the it counts on too plenty of different components to give you a clean answer. Yet hopefully I’ve been able to offer you sufficient information to aid you make a decision because that your own space.

Remember, if you have actually a really tiny bathroom, a really large living area, or if her walls and also ceilings have lots that angles, then you might likely advantage from painting them the exact same color. But if you have any comments or questions, you re welcome share them below!