Information and also data are basically the same thing False
Computers are required to organize or process data.

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Using a computer to estimate future sales and also order more inventory before a shortage can happen is an example of information system feedback. True
A CBIS is a single collection of hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, people, and procedures configured come collect, manipulate, store, and process data right into information. True
The technology infrastructure is a collection of mutual IS resources that kind the foundation of each computer-based details system. True
Today’s an ext advanced processor chips have the power of 1990s-era supercomputers True
Teraflops is a measure of computer system storage capacity False
Application software application such as windows Vista and Windows seven control an easy computer operations such as start-up and printing. False
Software is required for computer systems of every sizes from cabinet phones and little hand held gadgets to the biggest supercomputers. True
Private cloud computer applications are obtainable to everyone. False
Information about the documents on the net and access to these papers are controlled and detailed by tens of countless special computer systems called net servers. True
A digital reality system is an example of one of the many common varieties of information systems. False
Transaction handling systems were occurred in the 1950s. True
C2C represents computer-to-computer e-commerce. False
DSS systems were very first developed end 30 years ago. True
Mobile commerce is the use of mobile, wireless gadgets to location orders and also conduct business. True
While technologically advanced, unfortunately, e-commerce offers couple of advantages for streamlining work activities. False
Electronic business goes beyond e-commerce and also e-procurement by using details systems and the web to carry out all business-related tasks and also functions. True
Computers have actually been supplied to execute common business applications due to the fact that the 1950s. True
Companies shortly learned that they might use the data save in transaction handling systems to make far better decisions. True
A decision support system is an arranged collection that people, procedures, software, databases, and devices that gives routine information to managers and also decision makers False
MISs typically provide standard reports created with data and also information native a TPS or ERP system True
MIS reports might be created daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. True
A DSS can include a arsenal of models to support a decision maker, a repertoire of facts, and procedures that help decision devices to interact with the DSS True
DSS became more widely provided in the 1980s as a an outcome of dramatic renovations in technology. True
With one AI system, the computer system takes on the qualities of person intelligence. True
Neural networks give the computer the ability to make suggestions and function like an experienced in a particular field, helping enhance the power of a novice users False
The distinctive value the neural networks is that they permit organizations come capture and also use the wisdom that experts and specialists. False
Directional sound, tactile and also force feedback devices, voice recognition, and other innovations are supplied to enrich the virtual fact experience. True
Systems evaluation defines the problems and opportunities that the present system True
____ is critical component that every information system the helps institutions to achieve their goals. FeedBack Mechanism
The worth of information is directly connected to just how it help decision makers achieve their organization ____. Goals
In information systems, ____ is supplied to make transforms to input or processing activities. Feedback
Many fantastic computerized info systems follow stock indexes and markets and suggest when huge blocks the stocks have to be to buy or marketed in a procedure called ____. Program trading
consists of computer equipment supplied to carry out input, processing, and output activities. Hardware
Keyboards, automatically scanning devices, and equipment that have the right to read magnetic ink characters are instances of ____ hardware input
The One Laptop every Child computer costs ____. Under $200
consists of computer programs the govern the operation of the computer. Software
____ is an instance of application software that allows you to accomplish details tasks such together word processing or tabulating numbers. Windows Microsoft 2010
connect computers and also equipment in a building, roughly the country, or approximately the people to permit electronic communications. Networkds
People deserve to send brief messages of up to ____ utilizing Twitter. 140 personalities
Another surname for a internet log is ____. BLOG
Using ____, you can download audio program or music native the net to beat on computers or music players. Podcasting
An ____ is a network based on Web modern technologies that enables only selected outsiders, such as business partners and customers, to accessibility authorized sources of a that company intranet. extranet
_ is (are) considered to it is in the most important aspect in a computer-based info system. People
People who work-related with info systems to obtain results are dubbed ____. Users
include(s) all the human being who manage, run, program, and also maintain the system, consisting of the CIO, who manages the IS department. IS personnel
A common type of information system offered in business organizations space those designed for ____. All of the above-Electronic and Mobile commerce-Transaction Processing-Decision support
____ requires using info systems and the internet to get parts and supplies. Mobile Commerce
The earliest type of organization information system developed in the 1950s to be the ____. Transaction processing system
A(n) ____ is an arranged collection the people, procedures, software, databases, and devices that assistance problem-specific decision making. DSS
____ involves computers understanding and acting on linguistic or written commands in English, Spanish, or other person languages Natrual Language Processing
Hiring one outside company to execute some or every one of a systems breakthrough project is called ____. Outsourcing
The score of the ____ step of systems development is to get a clear knowledge of the difficulty to be resolved or possibility to be addressed. system investigation
____________________ data is a type of data that is represented by numbers, letters, and other characters. Alphanumeric
____________________ is the awareness and also understanding that a collection of information and the means the information have the right to be made helpful to assistance a specific task or reach a decision. Knowledge
In info systems, ____________________ method converting or transforming data into helpful outputs. Processing
In info systems, the task of gathering and also capturing life data is called ____________________. Input
Predicting future events to avoid problems is referred to as ____________________. Forecasting
________________________ refers to hardware, software, databases, and telecommunications. Information Technology
Computerized _________________________ are being placed in vehicles come record automobile speed, feasible engine problems, driver performance, and also more Event data recorders
Although most software have the right to be mounted from CDs, many of today’s software packages deserve to be downloaded through the ____________________. Internet
A(n) ____________________ is an arranged collection the facts and information, commonly consisting of 2 or an ext related files. DataBase
An approach to work dubbed ____________________ that enables people to work from home or while traveling Telecommuting
The ____________________ is the world’s largest computer system network consisting of hundreds of interconnected networks, every freely exchanging information. Internet
____________________ permits people to obtain the information they need from the Internet instead of from desktop computer or this firm computers. Cloud Computing
The ____________________ is a network of links on the net to papers containing text, graphics, video, and also sound. WWW World vast Web
The technology used to create the internet is likewise being applied within companies and also organizations to produce ____________________, which permit people in an company to exchange information and also work on projects. Intranets
___________________ incorporate the strategies, policies, methods, and also rules for utilizing the CBIS. Procedures
CBIS stands for ___________________? Compute Based info System
___________________ involves any business transactions executed electronically between companies. E-commerce
An arranged collection that people, procedures, software, databases, and also devices used to record completed business transactions is referred to as a(n) _________ Transaction processing system
A(n) ____________________ is a set of integrated programs the manages the crucial business work for whole multisite, global organization. Enterprice resource planning system
_________, a German software program company, is just one of the leading service providers of ERP software. SAP
The focus of a DSS is ~ above making effective ____________________ and helping a manager do the best thing Decisions
A mechanism to create, store, share, and use the organization knowledge and experience is called a(n) ______________________________. Knowledge management system
_______ is one area of artificial intelligence in which makers take end complex, dangerous, routine, or boring tasks. Robotics
The collection of rules, procedures, and also relationships that should be adhered to by an experienced system to attain the ideal outcome is included in the skilled system’s ____________________. Knowledge Base
During the ____________________ phase of the solution development process the task team determines exactly how the brand-new system have to be developed to accomplish the organization needs defined during equipment analysis. System design
The main goal that a for-profit company is come maximize shareholder value. True
An organization is a system, which method that it has actually inputs, processing, outputs, and also feedback. True
Depending on the customer, value could mean reduced prices, much better service, greater quality, or uniqueness that the product. True
By adding a significant amount of worth to their products and services, establishments ensure that they will certainly exceed budgets and generate earnings losses. False
Customer relationship monitoring software frequently uses a selection of info sources. True
Organizational culture consists of the significant understandings and assumptions for a business or other organization. True
In some cases, top-level managers can kind organization culture rapidly. True
Sustaining change almost constantly harms an organization while disruptive readjust almost always helps one organization False
Disruptive change often outcomes in new, effective companies and also offers consumers the potential of brand-new products and also services at decreased costs and also superior performance. True
The degree to which an organization supports the use of an information system is not vital factor that deserve to lead to far better attitudes about it. False
Studies have presented that user satisfaction and an innovation acceptance space not particularly far-reaching in healthcare as specialists in this market are quick to learn and accept new technology. False
An organization deserve to have a high level the infusion in one component of that operations and also a low level the diffusion overall. True
If an organization has actually a high level that both diffusion and infusion, with computers throughout the organization, information systems are being provided to their full potential. False
One organization can spend less than one more on info systems however still get much better value. True
According to Porter’s five-forces model, the much more these forces incorporate in any type of instance, the less likely that company will seek competitive advantage and the much less dramatis the outcomes of together an benefit will be. False
When the threat of new market entrants is high, the desire to seek and also maintain competitive advantage to dissuade brand-new entrants is likewise usually high. True
Many service providers in the computer industry introduce new products and services commonly in an effort to obtain a price leadership position. False
Today, service providers are shifting from strategic monitoring to performance-based monitoring of their information systems and also carefully consider both strategic benefit and costs. True
Improved performance can result in much faster customer response, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction. True
ROI calculations deserve to be complex, including investment returns end multiple years and the affect of the time value that money. True
Information solution can help bring new products and services in much less time thus reducing time to market. True
Because the the challenge in determining every the costs, full cost of ownership is seldom offered to plan for and maximize the worth of IS investments. False
Nontechnical skills such as communications skills and knowledge of the organization are not vital to IS personnel. False
Opportunities in information systems are available to civilization from foreign countries, consisting of Russia and India. True
The function of a equipment analyst is narrowly defined and also seldom involves interactions with others. False
The systems development component focuses specifically on the development of new information systems and seldom becomes associated in maintenance and review of details systems False
A devoted support group regularly sets guidelines and also standards for the remainder of the organization to follow in make IS purchases. True
The IS support company is a multi-faceted group giving user aid in hardware and software acquisition and use, data administration, user training and assistance, and also software development. False
Most IS careers involve working in a job team. True
Reengineering and continuous improvement mean the same thing. False
The capability of an organization to accomplish its purposes is regularly a duty of the organization ____. All of the over -Culture-overall structure-ability come change
The worth chain that an company does NOT include this activity ____. Finance and also Accounting
helps recognize what offers are required for the worth chain,what quantities are required to meet customer demand, just how the supplies need to be manufactured right into finished goods and services, and also how the distribution of supplies and products to customers must Supply adjust management
Customer relationship management programs assist companies regulate ____. A and also C-finish product inventory-Marketing and advertising
User satisfaction v a computer system system and the information it generates regularly depend on the ____. quality of the system
___ is a measure up of just how widely technology is spread out throughout one organization. Technology diffusion
The degree to which technology permeates one area or room is called ____. Technology infusion
An company ____ uses its details system to obtain a compete advantage Often
Which one the complying with was not one of five forces established in Michael Porter’s competitive forces model? the threat of brand-new information systems
Which of the complying with statements is true around the features of a highly competitive industry? there often tends to be more firms seek competitive advantage
Introducing brand-new products and also services commonly is part of a(n) ____ competitive benefit strategy. Creating new products and services
____ is a competitive benefit strategy that Walmart and also other retailers have complied with for years and focuses ~ above becoming more efficient and also reducing costs. Cost Leadership
Porsche is an example of a company with a ____ strategy for obtaining competitive advantage, developing only high-performance sporting activities cars and SUVs. Niche
In the restaurant industry, competition is fierce primarily because ____. Entry expenses are low
In the initial phase in their usage of details systems, organizations focused on ____. Using information systems to minimize cost and improve productivity
Which of this is not a measure up of performance used to advice the contribution of details systems come the business? NON the THE ABOVE
_ investigates the added profits or benefits that are produced as a percentage of the investment in IS technology.

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Return on invest (ROI)
Total cost of ownership includes the ____. All that the above-