Written through leading info security educators, this totally revised, full-color computer system security textbook consist of CompTIA’s fastest-growing credential, CompTIA Security+. Principles of computer Security, fourth Edition is a student-tested, introductory computer system security textbook that provides considerable coverage of computer and also network security fundamentals in an engaging and also dynamic full-color design.

In addition to teaching an essential computer defense concepts, the textbook also completely prepares you for CompTIA Security+ test SY0-401 v 100% coverage that all test objectives. Each chapter starts with a list of subject to be covered and features sidebar exam and tech tips, a chapter summary, and also an end-of-chapter assessment ar that includes key term, lot of choice, and essay quizzes and also lab projects. Electronic content contains CompTIA Security+ exercise exam questions and a PDF copy of the book.

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Key features:

CompTIA Approved high quality Content (CAQC) digital content features two simulated practice exams in the complete Tester exam engine and also a PDF eBook Supplemented by Principles of computer Security rap Manual, 4th Edition, obtainable separately White and Conklin space two that the many well-respected computer system security educators in higher education Instructor source materials because that adopting instructors include: Instructor Manual, PowerPoint slides featuring artwork indigenous the book, and a test bank of concerns for usage as quizzes or exams Answers to the finish of chapter sections are not included in the book and also are only accessible to adopting instructors

Learn how to:

for sure operational, organizational, and physical protection Use cryptography and public vital infrastructures (PKIs) Secure far access, wireless networks, and virtual private networks (VPNs) Authenticate users and lock down mobile tools Harden network devices, operating systems, and also applications prevent network attacks, such together denial of service, spoofing, hijacking, and also password guessing Combat viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and rootkits manage e-mail, immediate messaging, and web security check out secure software advancement requirements Implement catastrophe recovery and business continuity actions Handle computer system forensics and also incident solution Understand legal, ethical, and privacy issues

Product Details

Wm. Arthur Conklin, Ph.D., CompTIA Security+, CISSP, is an combine professor in the Information and also Logistics technology Department at the college of Houston.

Greg White, Ph.D., is a professor in the room of computer system Science in ~ the university of Texas at san Antonio. The is the director because that the center for facilities Assurance and also Security in ~ UTSA.

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Corey Schou, Ph.D., collection editor, is a fellow and also vice chairperson of (ISC)2, the college Professor of Informatics and also professor of computer Science at Idaho State University, and also the manager of the Informatics research Institute and the National info Assurance Training and also Education facility (NIATEC).

Table the Contents

Chapter 1: arrival and protection Trends chapter 2: general Security principles Chapter 3: Operational/Organizational protection Chapter 4: The duty of world in protection Chapter 5: Cryptography thing 6: Public an essential Infrastructure thing 7: Standards and also Protocols chapter 8: Physical security Chapter 9: Network Fundamentals thing 10: infrastructure Security thing 11: Authentication and Remote access Chapter 12: Wireless Security and Mobile gadgets Chapter 13: Intrusion Detection Systems and also Network security Chapter 14: Baselines chapter 15: varieties of Attacks and also Malicious software application Chapter 16: E-mail and Instant Messaging chapter 17: Web materials Chapter 18: for sure Software breakthrough Chapter 19: disaster Recovery, organization Continuity, and Organizational policies Chapter 20: Risk monitoring Chapter 21: adjust Management thing 22: Incident solution Chapter 23: computer system Forensics chapter 24: legal Issues and Ethics chapter 25: Privacy app A target Map app B about the CD-ROM glossary Index