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Pregnancy notice shirts offer you and your companion the possibility to be together cheesy, or together clever, as you desire to be through your huge reveal without spending an assload the cash ~ above a party. (Bonus: It’ll give you the chance to have actually a silly photograph op that’ll live on Instagram forever.) this shirts can be for her baby shower, a current for anyone for the holidays, or just due to the fact that you’re having a baby and that’s exciting — therefore why no let everyone understand by simply spelling it out on her shirt? especially these days, you most likely will opt not to have actually a infant shower, and also to consist of for that loss, send all your friends and family these pregnant announcement shirts. 

Whether you’re into puns or like the “classic” announcement, here are 17 pregnant announcement shirts come let the human being know that you’ve acquired a brand-new to add one top top the way. 


Skeleton baby T-Shirt | Halloween pregnancy Announcement

Depending on the time of year, this Skeleton infant T-shirt might make the perfect costume-announcement combo. Those more? the seems like the fit, feel, and customer organization are spot-on. 

“The fabric is comfy, and the sleeves are much longer (not a cap sleeve)—which is difficult to uncover on a maternity shirt and also is awesome,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The agency is great, too. In mine haste come order, I sent it to the dorn address. After ~ a fast email come the company, it to be fixed and also actually came previously than expected! well worth it because that the price; I’m an extremely happy through my purchase.”

$11.99 at AMAZON


“The One where Everyone Finds the end I’m Pregnant” Gift shirts

“Friends” is one iconic display that’ll live ~ above in the mind of many, many ‘90s babies because that years come come. If you’re a “Friends” fanatic, this pregnant announcement T-shirt is definitely for you. And, opportunities are, if you thrived up in a “Friends” household, your family will probably love it too!

$16.89 at AMAZON

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“Don’t Eat Pumpkin Seeds” pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

If skeletons aren’t her thing, however you still want to be festive, you may acquire a kick the end of this T-shirt. It’s simple, stylish (you can easily pair this v ankle boots and also maternity jeans), and also humorous.

$15.99 in ~ AMAZON


Drinking for three Dad pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

Let the dad joke begin! This shirt put a tastefully funny twist on the totality “eating because that two” expression. Plus, it allows Dad sign up with in ~ above the fun (without him actually having to carry out anything). 

“Perfect product for my husband come wear to our co-ed baby shower!” one Amazon user writes. “He likewise wears the whenever us go to a friend’s home for a holiday, etc when everyone’s having actually a drink. I’m likewise impressed with the quality of this shirt. Periodically when girlfriend buy shirts digital you sacrifice high quality for hilariousness; that’s not the instance here. Great quality, holds up well in the wash.”