To acquire your GIF photos to appear correctly on Tumblr, your pictures must conform come the Tumblr picture size and format standards. Additionally, the pictures should be as close as possible to the width and height that the designated space where they will appear. Non-compliant photos will not appear correctly ~ above the platform. If you are having challenge uploading GIFs or other image records to Tumblr, or if your uploaded photos don’t display correctly, there room a couple of troubleshooting actions you can perform to acquire your GIF to appear correctly in your blogs.

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Automatic Resizing

The Tumblr platform automatically resizes photos that space too huge or too tiny to to fill the designated space. Because that example, if girlfriend upload one avatar v the dimensions of 90-by-128, your photo will be extended in width to accommodate the 128 pixel room for broad of the avatar. Stretching the picture distorts the picture. As soon as you upload one avatar, dimension the avatar come 128-by-128, the specific size the the designated an are for the image, using an image editor before uploading the GIF.

Image Size and Format

Tumblr supports images, including static GIF images, approximately 10MB in size. The 10MB limitations use to all image types, including JPGs, PNGs and BMPs. GIFs offered in write-ups should be size to 500 pixels broad by 750 pixels in height or smaller. The Tumblr platform auto-resizes images and photos come the preferably size enabled by the posts. For most themes, the write-up size is 500-by-750. However, the platform additionally provides users through a an approach for viewing large images when accessible in a post. Huge images have the right to measure approximately 1280-by-1920 pixels.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs need to be 1MB in dimension or smaller to beat on the Tumblr platform. Despite larger documents will upload, the computer animation will not play if the file exceeds the size limit. You can perform some edits utilizing an animated GIF editor to do the picture Tumblr-friendly. For example, friend can chop the image to mitigate the in its entirety dimensions that the animation. Alternatively, try reducing the total variety of frames in the computer animation or limiting the number of colors offered in the image. Every such tasks deserve to be completed with an animated GIF editor. As soon as you have lessened the size of the image, upload the GIF come Tumblr to check the animation.

Resave the Image

Images can be encoded with extra characters that may interfere through the photo displaying in a Tumblr post. Prior to uploading your GIF image, Tumblr recommends the you open the image in one image-editing program prefer Microsoft Paint, then resave the picture as the same file format to eliminate extra encoding.

RGB assistance Only

The Tumblr communication supports just RGB picture files. CMYK documents are unsupported. If your image will not upload correctly, open up the paper in an image editor, then conserve the photo as one RGB image. Attempt to upload the converted picture to Tumblr.

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NSFW Content

Tumblr restricts certain content, such together malicious, hateful or gory images. However, Tumblr does no restrict customers from uploading adult-oriented content. If your photos are adult in nature, please respect various other Tumblr users by flagging her blog as “NSFW,” which is one acronym because that "Not safe For Work." The NSFW setting can be allowed in the blog’s settings menu. As soon as NSFW is enabled on a blog, the blog walk not appear in search outcomes for customers who are not logged in and the blog will certainly not show up in search and discovery features for logged in individuals who have blocked NSFW blog from view.

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