August 11, 2021 - 11:33 BST Hanna Fillingham Adele do a refresh revelation about her child Angelo in a rarely interview around family life. The Hello hitmaker shares her son with ex-husband Simon Konecki

Adele is a doting mom to eight-year-old kid Angelo and she has operated hard to save him the end of the spotlight throughout his childhood.

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But if the award-winning singer hardly ever does interviews, in the persons she has, it"s clear just how much she loves being a mom.

When Angelo was three-years-old, the star do a refresh revelation around the way she was elevating her child, stating that she want him come be together grounded as feasible despite her global fame.

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The singer said Time at the time: "I"m very self-conscious that I have actually a kid, and also I don"t desire him being among this who grows increase being prefer "Driver, driver! I have actually no clean clothes!" Well, have actually you washed them? i really don"t want him growing up choose that. I"m very conscious the it."

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On she pride for she child, she added: "He provides me for this reason proud of myself, and he makes me prefer myself so much.

"And I"ve always liked myself. I"ve never ever not chosen myself. I don"t have actually hangups like that. But I"m therefore proud of myself that i made the in my belly. Cooked that in my belly and also then he came out that me!

Adele reflected on being a mom to child Angelo

"This person who"s suddenly walking around and also doing his own thing. I can"t wait to understand who his ideal friend will be, that his girlfriend or friend is going come be, or what movie he likes…

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"Whatever my son wants to perform or be i will constantly support that no matter what."

The Hello hitmaker resides in LA through her son

Adele share Angelo v her ex-husband Simon Konecki. The former pair welcomed their boy a year ~ they began dating in 2012, and tied the knot six years later in may 2018.

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The singer filed for divorce in September 2019 however the pair have actually remained on great terms. As soon as their separation to be announced, a representative because that Adele said: "They room committed to increasing their son together lovingly. As constantly they ask for privacy. There will be no additional comment."

Adele and Simon now live surrounding each other in Beverly Hills, make it straightforward for them come co-parent your child.

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