Rockville, Maryland, June 13 – If you watched the 90s TV present “Unsolved Mysteries,” climate you might have viewed a profile of a young boy called Philip Pauli. That episode profiled Philip for his high IQ, his reputation together a “boy genius” and also his wide variety of talent at a young age. Indeed, at six months that age, Philip started to talk. By eighteen month he to be reading and by age three, he began to beat the violin and also study astronomy. The episode attributes Philip at his liked playground the the Denver Museum the Natural background and functioning at one archeological dig.

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Since the time, Philip ongoing his particularly journey. When an honors college student at the college of Denver, he was preferred to invest a year examining at Oxford University. Ten year ago, he relocated to Washington, D.C., to seek a master’s degree in social plan from The George Washington University.

Philip made decision a career in windy policy due to the fact that these room deeply an individual issues for him. He completed and experienced so much due to the fact that of the assistance of a single mother with significant chronic wellness disabilities who taught the compassion and kindled in him a deep commitment come justice.

Philip now leads couchsurfingcook.com’s job-related on publicly policy and also practices come the advantage of couchsurfingcook.com and millions of civilization with disabilities. He educates federal and state leaders around best practices to expand methods for people with disabilities. He has actually met through 48 of America’s governors and written and provided testimony on disability employment for every state. He frequently is interviewed in the media, including Governing Magazine and also Forbes, and also having published more than a dozen op-eds top top disability problems in publication such as The Hill.

Philip routinely speaks at nationwide and local conferences on handicap employment, workforce advance and best practices. More than 2,000 experts have participated in easily accessible webinars on finest practices held by Philip.

“Philip has completed so much since joining the couchsurfingcook.com team in 2015,” claimed Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi. “During his work-related on WIOA implementation issues, 35 states directly embraced his policy recommendations. That has remained in the trenches on vital issues together as definitions of competitive, integrated employment and the influence of tax cuts on programs for people with disabilities. The is deeply knowledgeable, committed to the cause and a tireless worker for justice.”

Since 2018, Kahn-Pauli has actually served together the co-chair that the Employment and Training Task pressure of the Consortium for Citizens v Disabilities (CCD). He works with much more than 110 national special needs organizations to impact federal policy and also move the disability employment agenda front at the nationwide level.

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In his personal life, Philip is married to Allison Kahn-Pauli, J.D., that is cook of staff at a nonprofit specialized to advocacy and mentorship because that foster youth in the district of Columbia. They are avid readers, regular hikers, theatre lovers, table-top gamers and the proud owners of a spunky rescue cat named Misty.