I"m a Customer business Agent for a governmental assistance agency. We often have cases where clients numbers have changed, and someone else has been assigned the old number.

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When I desire to make a note to my supervisor that the human I"ve got to is not the client and that the "person I"ve reached" has requested in an extremely virile, flammable language that they would prefer us to eliminate their number from our calling list/dB, the vexes me the all I deserve to come up with is "the answerer," which sounds dumb, and also "the number"s new owner..."



callee (if you want to go v a solitary word)

one who receives a telephone contact

Though this ax is usually provided in computing.

There is also called party i m sorry is much more related to your context.

The referred to as party (in part contexts called the "B-Number") is a human being who (or machine that) answers a call call. The human who (or maker that) initiates a telephone call is the calling party.




The brand-new suscriber to this number (or the number"s new subscriber) has actually requested to be eliminated from our calling list.

As lengthy as what matters to your supervisor is not who answered the phone (can it is in a housekeeper) however who the actual present owner the the phone line is, climate subscriber and Gary"s Student"s prize sound prefer what come the closest to the ax you"re feather for.

Alternately, consider saying more simply:

The human on this number has requested come be eliminated from our calling list.

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