On Friday Paul sent a Tweet mentioning his confusion via bitter jurors. For any non Big Brother fans, a bitter juror is basically someone that votes for the weaker player to win the game because the stronger player screwed them over. They are truly the worst and also destroy the game eincredibly seaboy. As a fan, you want the ideal player to win not the pity vote. 

I’m not also sure exactly how or why Natalie gained connected yet here’s the totality exchange leading up to her replies. 

If I were a BB jury member;

I couldn’t imagine not voting for someone that outplayed me in a competitive/deceitful game..that I willingly signed approximately play. To me, it would be silly to harbor emotions/feelings when my individual game was over.

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How would you vote? Why? #BB21

— Paul Abrahamian (
deadskulltweets) September 20, 2019

Fair, I deserve to view that!

In my last suffer, I felt that the world who were playing through me WERE pretty emotional, yet my brain was on too much strategy / defense mode & i couldn’t compute. I lassist out my entire strategy the best I could (which is what matters a lot of I think?)