Here is a overview to The Battle of Kaer Morhen, a critical suggest in CD Projekt Red"s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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The Witcher 3 battle of kaer morhen
The Battle of Kaer Morhen is one of the the majority of pivotal occasions in the story of The Witcher 3. During this quest, you"ll reattach via old buddies, save Ciri from the Wild Hunt, and also even experience some losses. It"s the significant orgasm at the end of its respective story arc, and what you carry out following will recognize the fates of many characters and plotlines.

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It"s also an extensive quest through a lot going on at as soon as, so you might require some tips and also guidance on just how to complete it.

How To Start

fight for kaer morhen cutscene
This primary quest will certainly begin automatically after finishing the Isle of Mists. You don"t have to start tackling the objectives, though. Kaer Morhen will be open for you to check out, via a few hidden things to uncover, monsters to fight, as well some of the characters hanging roughly if you desire to gain to recognize them a bit much better.

However, it"s important to note that you won"t be able to fast take a trip throughout this pursuit. You"ll hopefully have actually finimelted the assorted Brothers in Arms searches before this, too.

the isle of mists
It"s vital to note that tright here are a ton of side quests and other things you must execute before you complete the Isle of Mists search, as they will fail and end up being inaccessible if you do not.

Some of the more essential searches that should be finimelted before the Battle of Kaer Morhen encompass the ones involving the Bloody Baron, Triss Merigold, Skellige"s new ruler, Keira Metz, the fate of Redania, and also the Brothers in Arms searches. Make certain you"ve completed the main story arcs of the previously parts of the game prior to you miss your opportunity.

zoltan chivay brothers in arms
Just a little more preparation before acquiring right into the actual battle itself. You"ll absolutely need some aid for this fight because the few of you that are at Kaer Morhen to begin won"t be enough.

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Lucky, Geralt has actually met fairly a few civilization in his journey that deserve to offer their aid. The assorted Brothers in Arms quests are extremely advantageous in finding helpers and asking them for assistance.

Some of the optional world you absolutely have to ask are Ermion, Zoltan Chivay, and also Keira Metz. Keira need to be asked a lot earlier throughout the For the Development of Learning pursuit, relying on your options during that story arc.

battle for kaer morhen portals or armory
Grab some swords, repair kits, and also make sure all your potions, bombs, and also abilities are set and also prepared to go. It"s lastly time to start. The first component of this pursuit will involve a short meeting with the allies and also fighters on your side.

You"ll need to make a crucial option here: brew some potions or create traps. If you decide to go for the potions, you"ll get some Superior Swenable, Thunderbolt, and a runestone to provide you some additional power. If traps are your choice, they"ll be set up approximately the keep, which have the right to aid take down some adversaries that are unfortunate enough to cause them.

The second crucial choice pertains to digging out the armory or repairing some damages to the fort"s walls. If you go for the armory, you"ll get a decent silver sword, the Rose of Shaerrawed. If you decide to patch up the holes, there"ll be fewer waves of the Hunt to ffinish off during the assault.

Geralt can briefly talk to Ciri below, though it"s optional and also not forced by any means. The storage chest will additionally be easily accessible at this suggest.

After the meeting wraps up and your preparations are finiburned, the battle will certainly start. There are 3 portals that the Hunt will usage to sfinish in soldiers. Work through Lambert and also Letho (if he"s present) to cshed them up using the Dimeritium Bombs or Yrden.

This is fairly straightforward and basic, you could just have trouble fighting off all of the soldiers. It"s wise to usage Yrden and conserve your bombs for later on, though.

Next off, you"ll switch to playing as Ciri. Triss is in trouble and also requirements your help. You have the right to usage Ciri"s powers in tandem through a magic amulet that Triss offers you.

The amulet will summon fireballs that reason expensive damages in a room approximately you, though they"ll hurt Ciri also, so be careful. Kill the enemies approximately Triss utilizing the amulet and Ciri"s Charge strike, and also you"ll finish this percentage via ease.

Next, you"ll switch ago to Geralt, who is with his steed, Roach. You will certainly must race earlier to the save as fast as feasible, dodging assaults and fireballs on the method.

After arriving, Vesemir will certainly be ffinishing off some of the Hunt. You deserve to cshed the gate with the lever before previous where Vesemir is and also reduced off the Hunt from attacking inside the fort.

If Ermion was recruited for this fight, tbelow will be gas traps that have the right to be ignited via Igni and also cause some damage to the Hunt.

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During this percent of the fight, Lambert is in a pinch. If you didn"t recruit Keira, you"ll have the choice to conserve Lambert yourself. If Keira is tbelow, though, she saves you the trouble and also rescues Lambert herself. The 2 go on to end up being lovers later on.

In the next area, Yennefer"s powers will certainly start to diminish. The soldiers will be making gains versus the save, and also Geralt will need to fight fairly a few of them off before relocating on to helping Triss.

Next up is an additional portion where you play as Ciri. Eskel is fighting Caranthir and demands assist, and you will have to help him as Ciri. Then, when you"ve fought off some enemies, open the gate.

Return to playing as Geralt, and also you"ll have to cshed some even more portals. Tbelow are Dimeritium Bombs in crates if you require some even more when the portals are closed, yet they"ll rearea the higher versions if you have them, definition you"ll have to craft them aobtain later. Additionally, you have the right to simply usage Yrden choose previously to protect against running out of bombs.

Triss will certainly contact for help and you"ll have to go help her aacquire. Once you acquire near sufficient, though, the battle will instantly finish and also a cutscene will certainly play.

Throughout this cutscene, a lot happens. The Hunt freezes everyone solid other than Vesemir. He"ll attempt to save Ciri however Imlerith will speak him. Then, Eredin mirrors up. Vesemir stabs him through a dagger, but Eredin is quick to retaliate, killing Vesemir. This enreras Ciri so a lot that she loses all regulate and also allows out a deadly blast that kills practically all of the Hunt in the area, leading to Eredin to retreat.

Once the continuing to be characters thaw out, Geralt will run to Ciri"s side, comforting her. They"ll be heartdamaged over the loss of Vesemir, and also Geralt will certainly have two dialogue choices for Ciri. Your option does not really issue here, so pick whichever you choose. Ciri will certainly take Vesemir"s wolf medallion, and also the quest finally ends.

Even though you"ve successfully completed the pursuit, it"s nice to know what comes next. The first thing that will occur is a funeral company for Vesemir. The following search, in which that cutscene takes place, is referred to as Blood on the Battlearea, and also it"s greatly written of the consequences of the battle. Each of the allies will certainly provide you an upday on what they setup to do following.

During this search, tbelow are some important decisions you will certainly need to make that will certainly recognize whether Ciri resides or dies and also what her duty will be going forward. Read this overview on Ciri"s endings for more indevelopment.

With the battle completed and the funeral done, your time defending Kaer Morhen is finished. You"ll next must track down the leaders of the Hunt and also acagency Ciri on her pursuit toward whatever"s following.


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