The 38-year-old to be spotted getting here at Kim Kardashian and also Winnie Harlow's launch party in a dress that featured a pair of slim straps and also a sexy open up back

Paris Hilton come at L"Avenue at Saks ~ above September 12, 2019 in brand-new York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

The dress additionally featured really high cleft which led to her exposing her underwear. Hilton appeared unfazed by the mishap and also was seen smiling together she make her means into the venue.

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Winnie Harlow and also Kim Kardashian were also seen making their method to the party. Harlow additionally had a little wardrobe mishap once her chest to be exposed come the cameras as she donned a pink satin gown over a sheer turtleneck. Among the straps of the dress dropped off her shoulder revealing she breast.

Paris Hilton and also Kim Kardashian West attend KKW beauty, beauty KKWxWinnie dinner in ~ L"Avenue in Saks 5th Avenue top top September 12, 2019 in new York City. (Photo through Kevin Mazur/Getty images for KKW Beauty)

"KUWTK" star Kim has been giving tiny teasers around her latest cooperation on society media which will release top top Friday, September13. She took to her Instagram to share, "Winnie Harlow is someone i admire and respect so much. She"s the meaning of a true beauty." your collection contains a highlighter set, lip glosses, and an eye-shadow palette.

Recently, Hilton, who was a huge trendsetter in the early 2000s, claimed that she loves just how the ’90s trends are making a comeback. As reported by People, Hilton shared, "Back once I to be a teenager—everyone thought I to be crazy earlier in the day—wearing every these clothes—because no one dressed favor me."

"Now I see on this runways, ns go to mine friends’ who room designers, and also on their mood boards, over there are pictures of me from back in the day. It provides me feeling really proud to watch it all pertained to life. Very flattering," she said. Hilton"s sister Nicky chimed in that she loves a "throwback" and that background usually tends to repeat itself.



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