If you want to develop a profitable ecommerce business that stands the test of time, you need to register your very own domain and also start your own internet site.

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Most world who aren’t tech savvy regularly question their own abilities and end up relying on 3rd party marketplaces like Ebay to implement their website store for them.

Here’s why starting an Ebay keep is a poor idea.

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Table that Contents

Ebay Doesn’t have actually Your interests In Mind

Ebay, like many publicly traded companies, is mostly concerned v their very own growth and stock price. Castle don’t treatment whether you space successful, nor perform they treatment whether you administer a genuine business to the community.

They’ll do whatever it take away to demonstrate growth and make shareholders happy.

What this means is the you are always at your mercy. They can switch increase the rules whenever lock want and also drastically influence your sales. Castle can likewise ban your sellers account at any time.

Over the years, Ebay has made dramatic alters that have actually put countless sellers out of business. As a slave to their platform, you have the right to never it is in complacent and they continue to raise prices come appease wall surface Street.

Let’s take it a rapid peek at Ebay’s offering fees in the table below.

Basic fees because that auction-style and also fixed price listingsInsertion dues (per listing)Final worth fee (per item)
Your very first 50 listings (per month)Free10% that the total amount of the sale
All extr listings over 50 (per month)$0.30
All her listings ideal for and noted in the Musical instruments & gear > Guitars & Basses categoryFree3.5% of the total amount of the sale

In enhancement to the final value fees noted above, Ebay likewise likes come nickel and also dime you v listing fees as shown in the table below.

UpgradeStarting or to buy It currently price: under $150Starting or buy It now price: $150 or moreAuction-style listings (all durations)Fixed price listings (all durations)
1, 3, 5, 7, and 10-day duration30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled1, 3, 5, 7, and also 10-day duration30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled
Scheduled ListingFreeFree
Listing Designer$0.10$0.30$0.20$0.60
Gallery Plus$0.35$1.00$0.70$2.00
Value Pack$0.65$2.00$1.30$4.00
International website visibility
Starting priceFee$0.50
$0.01 – $9.99$0.10
$10.00 – $49.99$0.20
$50 or more$0.40

As you have the right to see, the listing fee table is fairly intricate and also intentionally complicated so friend don’t realize exactly how much it costs to list an item.

Bottom line, if you open a store on Ebay, they will certainly take between 10-11% percent of your gross sales best off the bat.

If you likewise take right into account the fact that you have to use Paypal for her transactions, you end up payment Ebay around 11-14% of your total revenue.

In enhancement to this, you also have to pay a monthly store membership fee because that the privilege of creating a web presence top top a platform the you do not control.

For a lengthy time now, Ebay’s expansion has been stagnant. Carry out you really want to organize your ecommerce business with a company that hasn’t get an impression or innovated for years?

In any kind of case, here’s just how much Ebay charges for store membership fees.

Note: The difference in plan comes under to how countless listings you setup on having actually in your shop and whether girlfriend need specialized customer support. Ebay shops additionally get a slim discount ~ above the final value fees

Subscription feesStore typeMonthly subscription feeYearly subscription fee
Starter $7.95 every month $4.95 per month
Basic $27.95 every month $21.95 per month
Premium $74.95 every month $59.95 per month
Anchor $349.95 per month $299.95 per month
Enterprise No monthly plan $2999.95 every month

As you can probably tell, Ebay’s listing and also selling fees start to add as much as a lot of money!

Editor’s Note: If girlfriend are tired of payment Ebay’s high fees, then think about these choices to Ebay

EBay may Charge you A 4% fine For certain Listings

Ebay silently began imposing a 4% fine for sellers with listed below standard accounts. A listed below standard seller is a merchant who…

Ships packages late much more often 보다 averageHas a higher than typical defect or “item no as described” rateHas an above average unresolved dispute rate

As a result, the is imperative the you maintain an “above standard” Ebay rating or risk acquiring charged even much more to offer on their platform.

Ebay’s 4% good is on optimal of the last value fee the is incurred through every sale. Because Ebay is so competitive, there have been reports that unscrupulous sellers who deliberately sabotage other sellers by do false purchases and leaving negative feedback.

Be careful!

Ebay Shoppers often Don’t pay Or adjust Their Mind

Every time a buyer efficiently wins an auction for things you sell, Ebay charges you a final value fee. However, sometimes the customer has buyer’s remorse and decides no to pay.

When this happens, Ebay tho charges girlfriend a last value fees unless girlfriend manually inquiry a refund utilizing their unpaid item process. If friend sell many items with Ebay, this deserve to be a an extremely tedious process.

While Ebay has actually introduced one unpaid article assistant to aid with this issue, not all sellers have accessibility to this tool.

Ebay Sellers will certainly Copy your Images and also Listings

Because Ebay is together a cut throat marketplace, there is rampant piracy. Unscrupulous sellers will certainly steal her images and also your listing verbiage and also sell your precise same items together of you.

Even though you deserve to report these dirty sellers come Ebay and also have lock taken down, it’s choose playing whack a mole. As shortly as one copycat goes down, another one pops up.

Ebay has A long List Of prohibition Items that You Can’t Sell

Unlike a normal keep that friend control, there’s a long list of assets that you room not enabled to offer on Ebay.

These item include

Adult items – Ebay technically permits adult items to be marketed on your platform. However, adult item are constantly subject to some type of restriction in ~ Ebay’s discretion. In general, adult items will certainly have minimal visibility ~ above Ebay and also you have the right to not advertise.Alcohol – Ebay does not allow the revenue of alcohol except for pre-approved sellers who deserve to sell wine only.Animals and wildlife – Pets and most live animals can not be offered on EbayArt – While friend are allowed to sell works of art on Ebay, over there are plenty of rules and guidelines concerning how to develop listings to market reproductions, replicas and original functions of art.Artifacts – Items take away from federal government or protected land, historical grave sites, or shipwrecks have the right to not be sold on eBayUsed clothing – outside of provided underwear and socks, most used clothes can be provided on EbayCredit and also debit cards – due to fraud risk, credit and debit cards deserve to not it is in soldDrugs and drug paraphernalia – The sale of drugs are forbidden ~ above eBay including drug associated accessories like vaporizers, pipes etc…Firearms and also weapons – Firearms and weapons have the right to not be sold on Ebay. However certain firearm parts and accessories are enabled as lengthy as they follow Ebay’s guidelinesFood – Unpasteurized dairy products products, fruits and also vegetable juices are not allowed. Expired food is not permitted either.Gift cards – Gift cards deserve to be sold but the complete face value need to be $500 or less. Also, the gift card need to be in hand and also ship in ~ 5 days upon auction closing.Hazardous materials – Hazmat items like fire extinguishers, refrigerants, and also flammable items can’t be provided on eBay.Lock choose devices – Lockpicking or locksmithing tools are no allowed.Chance listings – an enig listings or sweepstakes are not allowed to be sold on EbayMailing lists and also social media – Selling an individual information or society media account is prohibitedCoupons – You have the right to sell up to 25 coupons precious $100 in full per 30-day periodStamps, currency and coins – All currency for sale need to be graded by one Ebay approved companyUsed cosmetics – used cosmetics have the right to not be offered on Ebay

Ebay shop Don’t provide Design Flexibility

Unless you feel prefer paying numerous dollars a month, Ebay significantly limits what you deserve to do v your storefront.

They try to bundle their stores with design tools to add value, but most or every one of these devices are accessible on the internet for cost-free already many thanks to companies prefer Google.

To offer you an idea of how restrictive an Ebay store can be, the “Anchor” member which expenses $300 a month, permits you to build a handful of tradition webpages. And the style of these pages is an extremely canned.

Here’s a what a page looks like..


In this day and age, $300/month is one egregious amount to it is in paying for a an easy website builder. Meanwhile, you can develop unlimited pages on your very own website the you host yourself.

Ebay Shoppers are naturally Cheap

When i shop on Ebay, i look for bargains. Especially since most the the stores on Ebay space mom and pop shops or individuals working out of your home, people usually expect come pay less for your merchandise matches a actual store.

What this way is the you will certainly rarely gain top dollar for your items. Due to the fact that you are minimal by what Ebay permits you to perform with your save design, the only method to identify yourself is to reduced your price which will reduced into her margins.

In general, the Ebay marketplace is exceptionally competitive, cut throat and hard to break into.

You deserve to Not develop A Brand ~ above Ebay

Because Ebay is a closeup of the door platform, you do not have access to her customer base nor deserve to you market to her customers exterior of Ebay.

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As a result, it’s exceptionally difficult to attract repeat business. ~ all, you can not collect emails and you are not permitted to solicit customers after a sale has been made.