One Direction, a pop group that celebrated its 5th anniversary top top July 22, is making its way to Indianapolis because that the an initial time.

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Friday"s concert in ~ Lucas Oil stadium represents a one City debut for 1D members Harry formats (known as the heartthrob), luigi Tomlinson (known together the funny one), Niall Horan (known together the pretty one) and Liam Payne (known together the maturation one).

Formed together a quintet during the 2010 season that U.K. Televised talent display "The X-Factor," One Direction lost founding member Zayn Malik this March. Indianapolis will certainly be the an initial One Direction performance due to the fact that Malik signed a solo recording contract on Wednesday.

One Direction unleashed its very own surprise Friday morning: new single "Drag Me Down," which can be heard at Spotify.


Seats ~ above the floor the Lucas Oil stadium are marketed out. On Thursday afternoon, ticket were easily accessible from the stadium"s 100 level ($120) come 600 level ($39.50). To purchase face-value tickets, visit

The weather forecast

Friday should be largely sunny v temperatures in the 80s, follow to The Weather Authority estimate from Fox59. Yet with a slight opportunity of an evening storm, the One Direction show will not be one open-air event. Concert promoter Live nation reports that the retractable roof at Lucas Oil Stadium will certainly be closed.

Performance times

One Direction is expected onstage in ~ 8:30 p.m., preceded by supporting act Icona popular music at 7. The stadium"s entrances open at 5:30.

What"s allowed

Lucas Oil Stadium shared the following guidelines via the Twitter profile: little purses and drawstring bags space allowed. Posters room allowed, yet not bigger than 22 customs by 28 inches (lights on posters are OK). Light sticks/bracelets are allowed. Cameras through lenses that prolong no much more than 3 inches are allowed. Backpacks or large bags space prohibited. Selfie sticks are prohibited. Dry-erase boards room prohibited. The NFL rules around clear bags do not apply to this event.

What to watch for

One Direction perform 25 songs throughout its July 28 display in Kansas City, through tunes representing all four of the group"s studio albums. In a review of the July 26 show in Minneapolis, The Star Tribune listed that "the lads that 1D nothing wear an elaborate matching suits or occupational up synchronized dance move in concert. Lock dress like they just acquired off work-related from a sub shop, and they job-related the stage choose five, er, four individual absent stars." For a sampler of what"s most likely to be heard at Lucas Oil Stadium, listen to this seven-song Spotify playlist.

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