Planning a Halloween costume and also can’t decision what to dress up as? pan costumes are a party favorite and also might even introduce girlfriend to new friends who like the same music as you. Any type of of this costumes space great, affordable principles for any kind of One Direction fan.

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1. Fine Line Harry


With simply a pink silk shirt, white bell-bottoms, and also a couple of accessories, you have the right to dress up together “Fine Line Harry.” Amazon has many an excellent affordable choices to do this DIY costume pertained to life. For a more creative look, spice the up with a pink and also blue eyeshadow look and also pink and also blue nails.

2. Iconic Up every Night Outfits

Gather your One Direction friends and coordinate a team costume idea and dress increase in the boys’ staple clothing items native the at an early stage days of the band. Louis in a striped shirt and red jeans, Zayn in a varsity jacket, and Harry in a bowtie. Any kind of One Direction fan would recognize the costume immediately. To include a sense of humor, stimulate their face masks to finish the look.

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3. Larry Stylinson


This is one more easy DIY costume. You might grab a friend and wear Louis and Harry tattoo sweatshirts and jeans or you can go also further and wear a black color top and skinny jeans and also draw your tattoos on your arms. Either way, it would certainly be a party favorite!

4. Corden’s Angels

This one requires some thought and four other friends, but it could be my favorite on this list. Girlfriend could architecture your very own Corden’s Angels jersey with towel paint or you can order part off Etsy. Grab some basketball shorts and also sweatbands and your outfit is complete!

5. “Best track Ever” characters

For a more humorous idea, dress up as Leeroy or Marcel. Choose your favorite character from the video clip or do it a group costume through being all of the characters from the “Best tune Ever” music video with her friends. Amazon or thrift stores are a an excellent place come find clothes that would enhance those favor Leeroy’s and also Marcel’s.