One Direction’s popular is a blessing, but it may also be a curse. Their album ‘Take Me Home’ to be leaked prior to its indended release day on Nov. 13!

Considering One Direction’s rabid fans, it’s no surprised that their brand-new album Take Me Home to be leaked online before its release.

Samples of the song from the entire album have actually been leaked almost two weeks prior to their to plan debut!

The leaked tracks include “Kiss You,” “C’mon,C’mon,” “Last an initial Kiss,” “Heart Attack,” “Rock Me,” “Back because that You,” “Change my Mind,” “I Would,” “Over Again,” and “They Don’t Know about Us.”

Furthermore, samples of additional tracks native the luxurious version,Take Me Home: Yearbook Edition, also leaked. (It’s favor Christmas come early!)

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One pan tweeted, “Listening to the leak snip bits of ‘Take Me Home’. I need THE ALBUM NOW. 😍 Love itttttt.”

UPDATE: Perhaps as result of the at an early stage leak, iTunes is currently offering fans the chance to currently the full album a week before its release, beginning today Nov. 5!

According a recent push release, upcoming appearances include: a morning television an initial as the tape returns to NBC’s the Todayshow plaza wherein viewers will be treated to two days of outdoor concert on November 13 and also 14. They’llperform tracks from their new albumTAKE ME HOMEas well astheir debut albumUP all NIGHT. Fans will likewise get a sneak emergence of One Direction once they perform on The X Factor ~ above November 8!

What carry out YOU think, couchsurfingcook.comrs? Is it good or negative that the album leaked? hear to the samples below!

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— chris Rogers

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