1 If you say that 2 people or points are on a par through each other, you expect that they are equally good or negative, or equally essential. ♦on a par with  phrase PHR n/-ing, usu v-attach PHR, PHR after v Parts of Glasgow are on a par with the worst locations of London and Liverpool for burglaries.  

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2  n-uncount 
In golf, par is the number of strokes that an excellent player have to take to obtain the sphere into a hole or right into all the holes on a certain golf course. N with num, under/over N He was five under par after the first round.  
3 If you say that someone or something is below par or under par, you are disappointed in them bereason they are listed below the typical you expected. ♦listed below par/under par 
 phrase v-connect PHR, PHR after v, PHR n Duffy"s primitive guitar playing is well below par...  
4 If you say that someone or something is not up to par, you are disappointed in them bereason they are listed below the typical you intended. ♦approximately par 
 phrase usu through neg, v-connect PHR, PHR after v His performance was not as much as par...  
5 If you feel below par or under par, you feel exhausted and also unable to percreate and you usually carry out. ♦below par/under par 
 phrase usu v-link PHR 
6 If you say that something that happens is par for the course, you expect that you are not pleased with it yet it is what you supposed to occur. ♦par for the course  phrase v-attach PHR He sassist lengthy hours are par for the course.  
par excellence 
 You say that something is a certain type of point par excellence in order to emphadimension that it is an extremely excellent instance of that type of point.  adj n ADJ  (emphasis) He has actually been a meticulous manager, a manager par excellence.    Par excellence is additionally an adverb., adv ADV after v Breskid is par excellence the Catholic film-maker.  

a below average, bush-league  (Austral. & N.Z. informal) dime-a-dozen  (informal) inferior, doing not have, not approximately scratch  (informal) bad, second-rate, subconventional, tinhorn  (UNITED STATE slang) two-bit  (UNITED STATE & Canad. slang) wanting 
b not oneself, off colour  (chiefly Brit.) off form, poorly  (informal) sick, under the weather  (informal) unfit, unhealthy 

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7 up to par  acceptable, enough, excellent enough, passable, satismanufacturing facility, up to scratch  (informal) as much as the mark 

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