Olympus have actually just released their brand brand-new Tough camera , the Olympus challenging TG-5. It's a step up from its predecessor, the difficult TG-4, so we're walking to have a look in ~ the 2 camera s and see exactly how they compare.

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Olympus hard TG-5 vs TG-4 all at once Image Quality

Whereas the Olympus tough TG-4 had actually a 16 megapixel sensor, the difficult TG-5 only has a 12 megapixel sensor. This might sound like you're shedding out in picture quality, however, the pixels in the new sensor on the TG-5 are larger and also further apart, which means they have more room, which means they make less noise.


This method that back the Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 produces reduced resolution images, they will certainly actually it is in of a higher quality thanks to exceptional low irradiate capabilities and also reduced noise in normal-use conditions with a preferably ISO now up come 12,800.

Additionally, the TG-5 is making use of the TruePic VIII image processor (straight out of the professional grade OM-D E-M1 note II), an development from the TruePic VII processor in the TG-4.

Lastly, the TG-5 brings v it one more piece the borrowed an innovation from its' huge brothers - Pro capture Mode - the capability to repeatedly buffer a series of 20 images and then document the critical 14 as soon as you boring the shutter - so girlfriend never miss out on a moment!

Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 video clip Quality


The TG-4 was no slouch in the video clip department - qualified of complete HD video clip and VGA video at 120fps.

However, the TG-5 has lugged the Tough selection into 2017 with 4K video clip at 30p, complete HD in ~ 60p, and Full 1080p HD 120fps shooting and also 720p HD shooting in ~ 240fps.

Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 Outdoor usage Features


The Tough collection are designed to it is in used exterior - they're tough. For this reason it's no surprised that the Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 has actually improved ~ above the already impressive difficult status.

The TG-5 attributes the very same ultra-bright f/2.0 lens that was in the TG-4 with the exact same 25-100mm 4x optical zoom. However, the TG-5 now features a dual-pane Anti-Fog, hermetically sealed glass protecting the shooting lens native condensation because of sudden changes in ecological temperature.

The TG-5 is shockproof approximately 2.1 metres, crushproof come a weight of 100kg, freezeproof under to -10 degrees Celsius, dustproof, and waterproof to a depth the 15 metres there is no the require of any type of special casings.

The new Variable Macro mechanism on the TG-5 improves the nature photography capabilities end the TG-4, v the development of Microscope, microscopic lense Control, focus Bracketing, and also Focus Stacking modes to permit you capture spectacular nature shots - all in life files.

The Olympus challenging TG-5 vs TG-4 to add a new Temperature Sensor to develop a four sensor battery of field Sensors that add telemetry data to her image and video, providing you GPS, Temperature, Manometer, and Compass data that have the right to all be regarded either top top the TG-5's LCD screen, or via WiFi to the OI.Track app.

Overall Impressions the the challenging TG-5 vs TG-4

For currently Olympus users, the difficult TG-5 offers a familiar feel, through an OM-D menu interface and also rugged E-M1 mark II-esque hand grip. Likewise borrowed indigenous the E-M1 note II is the Pro capture Mode, allowing you to shoot at hugely rapid speeds and also capture action precisely.


If you’ve had actually a TG-4 previously, the brand-new Olympus TG-5 will carry a bucket pack of welcome upgrades – complete data into your activity photography v a field Sensor system of four sensors – GPS, Temperature, Manometer, and also Compass – which space viewable ~ above the huge LCD screen and even via the OI.Track app, letting you view your images and also your data simultaneously.

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The Olympus hard TG-5 vs TG-4 represents a step-up in tough, waterproof action camera s with improved low irradiate capabilities and also tough performance, consisting of the new Anit-Fog dual-pane glass, providing it one edge over competitors and also making that a forerunner in the class.

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