A current study from scholar at the college of Nebraska concluded the both men and also women gazed more at women’s chests and waists and also less on their faces. Women with bigger breasts and smaller waists (the common “hourglass” form that to represent a feminine “ideal”) received longer looks. Essentially Gervais and also colleagues have shown something that the notorious Sir Mix A Lot proposed in his 1992 prologue come the iconic music video Baby gained Back: women and also men check out women’s bodies. In case you’ve to be blessed come forget that particular part of the 1990’s, I current you through the lyrics:

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I ask the you host your collective horses. Gervais says that this finding could represent one evolutionary response to the dynamic in between scarce resources and also fertility, where guys associate shapely women v childbearing and also women check out shapeliness together competition. Interestingly, males tended to price women’s personality on their looks, where much more curvy women often tended to be rated as having better personalities.”That’s weird, right?” claimed no contempt chubby, friend-zoned girl ever.

In situation you obtained a bit nostalgic analysis the poetically elegant genius of teacher Mix A Lot, I current to girlfriend his famous video. Afterall, i shouldn’t it is in the only one walking roughly with this certain ear worm today:

Author: Jessica Bishop-Royse

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Author Jessica Bishop-RoysePosted ~ above November 8, 2013Categories re/search, re/shareTags human body image, gender, gender identity, the objectifying gaze



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