Marc Anthony has a new girlfriend -meet Jessica Lynne Harris

Marc Anthonywas in the spotlight recently when he attended a school sports event holding hands with a beautiful lady.

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Emme was competing ina race and of course daddy was there to support her. It is known that Marc and ex-wife Jennifer Lopez have a wonderful relationship and would do anything for their twins, this is why both of them, along with their partners, spent a happy day under the sun watching the 11-year-old´s sports achievements.

Although it's always great to see the affection Jennifer and Marc feel for each other, this was not what gotfans talking. Marc's new partner, a tall, slim and curly-haired beautiful woman looked like his ex-girlfriend Raffaella Modugno, but was it her?

Several outlets have identifiedthe stunning brunette as28-year-old model Jessica Lynne Harris, and if you are a fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you might have heard her name before. Keep reading to find out why...


So romantic!

Jessica is a 28-year-old model from Philadelphia. She moved to Miami two years ago looking for a chance to keep growing her profile in the fashion indcouchsurfingcook.comtry. But the world (or Miami, if you prefer) is a small place and she eventually bumped into Marc, who could not take his eyes offher since the first moment he saw her.



Marc Anthony"s girlfriend Jessica Lynne with mom

Beauty runs in the family!

Jessica has a combination of African-Americangenes on her dad's side and Swiss heritage from her mom Rita.In this picturewe can see the mother-daughter team, who both have perfect skin, posing at the beach.And another thing to thank mom for -as well as English, Jessica is fluent in German and has dual nationality.


Her first steps as a model

The Philly beauty changed her name to J Lynne when she started modeling. She signed for Next Model Agency and has walked the runways of New York Fashion Weekand showcased beachwear on many occasions.Shetried out for America´s Next Top Model and according to Heavy website, she is also interested in acting.

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J Lynne, la nueva novia de Marc Anthony

A friend for life!

Surely J will perfectly understandMarc Anthony's twins Max and Emme.Why? Becacouchsurfingcook.come she has a twin sister too!



Marc Anthony"s new girflriend J Lynne´s family

A beautiful family

Apart from her twin sister, Jessica has an older brother, Stephen, and a younger sister, Olivia. They all posed together in matching outfits in thispicture. A family of beauties!

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J Lynne with Barak Obama

Obama, her inspiration

As the model reevals on her social media account, she met Barak Obama in 2008 when she was a president of her senior class and since then, he has been an inspiration for her. From 2009 to 2010, Jessica studied at Southern Methodist University and according to Heavy website, became a real state leasing agent before starting her career in the fashion indcouchsurfingcook.comtry.

Bad romance

The model had a first encounter with fame when media all over the world publishedpictures of her with Kourtney Kardashian's ex-hcouchsurfingcook.comband Scott Disick.

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At that time, he was still married to Kim's sister, who was miles away on a family break in Costa Rica.

A match made in heaven

Jessica is now smiling again. She is going strong with Marc Anthony and, as the photos showed last week, she has already met the singer's ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez. This is!

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