Business owners for the 155 cumulative Salon and Spa in ~ the previous Not So plain Jane’s an are in Manchester’s Millyard gather because that a snapshot on Wednesday. Native left room Emily Brady, April Arnold, daniel Bouthiette, Nicole Lemire, Genevieve Hoellrich, Erin Fernald , Talitha Franggos and Sharon Chase.

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Savannah Nimmo has her hair excellent by Kendra Macina in ~ the 155 cumulative Salon and also Spa in Manchester’s Millyard on Wednesday.

Carol Cleary,, right, of Carly Girl Oils, chats v Nicole Lemire the The Aesthetic Lounge at the 155 collective Salon and also Spa at the former Not So level Jane"s space in Manchester"s Millyard on Aug. 21, 2019.

MANCHESTER — much more than a year after ~ a well-known Millyard salon and spa abruptly closeup of the door its doors, eight female entrepreneurs have come together to develop a an are focused top top “beauty and wellness because that the mind, body and soul” in Manchester.

An official grand opening and ribbon-cutting consciousness was organized for Humble Warrior strength Yoga and also The 155 collective Salon & Spa at 155 Dow St., Suite 102 in Manchester. The ar was previously home to not So level Jane’s, i beg your pardon closed in early March 2018.

Flash front 17 months, and also eight regional businesswomen have actually collaborated to develop a spot in the Queen City catering to self-care needs.

“It’s simply a great vision to have actually beauty and also wellness in one-stop shopping for your guests and also for the community,” said April Arnold, owner of the 155 cumulative Salon and also Spa.

“She had the vision to create something exciting and fresh to join,” said Talitha Franggos, co-owner that Humble Warrior strength Yoga. “A salon principle with the healing energy of a yoga studio, to develop an amazing room for our community. This an are is developed on a structure of solid women, vast hearts and also kind spirits. We have business owners that room in their early on 20s. The is power, it is a brilliantly bright future for our community.”

Humble Warrior power Yoga is owned by Franggos and also Genevieve Hoellrich, who have actually both been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade. The studio functions state-of-the-art infrared heater technology, and is one of only a few studios of its type to offer “over 25 great inclusive that high intensity interval training, groove sessions with customized playlists and also restorative yoga focusing on meditation,” follow to a media release.

“A text, one year ago this month, ‘Can friend grab coffee?,’ turned into what girlfriend see before you,” claimed Franggos, an insurance allowance agent because that Cross insurance allowance in Manchester. “Yoga has always been a means for me to center myself and also my clients. Opened a yoga studio to be something that’s constantly been in mine heart, it’s something I’ve constantly wanted come do, however I claimed the time was not right. However April claimed ‘T, let’s just go look at the space.’”

“She said, ‘Oh, ns don’t know,’ for this reason I carried her come this space,” said Arnold. “It was the second time I’d watched it, and also as quickly as she walked into the room she was like, ‘Oh, ns think this has to happen.’ This unit, this facility, just has so much energy in the already, the bricks and the beams, the energy in the mills.”

“It is so fabulous to be cut a ribbon for a company that is run and also started by eight strong, exorbitant women,” claimed Mayor Joyce Craig. “I expect you feeling the energy and also feel the encouragement not simply by everyone in this room, yet by anyone in the city. Mine daughter was among the first customers, she had actually her hair done, colored, cut. She’s thrilled and also she’ll it is in returning.”

Formerly 26th on Hanover, the salon area of The 155 collective is owned by Arnold, a business owner for over 13 years and also an educator and also artist because that the international hair care and also styling company Redken.

According come Arnold, the salon provides the latest in hair design and also color trends in addition to a color table equipped through a docking station ideal for experts looking to lug their occupational with them throughout their color session.

The 155 cumulative Spa uses multiple services such as medi spa, massage therapy, microblading and esthetics.

Erin Fernald of deLuxe medical Esthetics, Sharon chase of Brow Nirvana Microblading, Nicole Lemire the The Aesthetic Lounge, Emily Brady that Lashes by Emily and also Danielle Bouthiette of waxing Moon Esthetics space the extr female proprietors that lug this “Collective” full circle.

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“Some claimed the blowers will certainly be loud during the yoga,” stated Franggos. “We’ve actually discovered the blowers are choose white noise, prefer the ocean, so we may have actually found something before anyone rather did.”

“We have actually loads of course times and there’s a noon one every day,” claimed Franggos. “So the expert can come have a yoga class, acquire their hair blown ago out and show up for your six-figure meeting, and also it’s prefer nothing ever happened.”


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