Hands increase if you’ve ever felt personally victimised through the heat “I’m just not trying to find a partnership right now.” ns don’t think anyone yes, really knows what it means or how to take it it, however I’m below to carry out my ideal to decode this hated phrase. So without more ado, here’s what it method when someone states they’re not all set for a relationship.

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They’re Legitimately not Ready

Now this one will certainly seem completely obvious, but sometimes, taking this at confront value may just be the best method to respond. Probably they’ve just got out of a lengthy term connection that left them a little rattled. Perhaps they just don’t have actually the time to invest in a relationship. And also let’s be honest a half arsed partnership is worse 보다 no relationship at all. People constantly have stuff going on, and also maybe in ~ the moment all they’re trying to find (or every they deserve to really handle) is simply something casual and no frills.

They’re simply Not That into You


Okay, for this reason this one is a little brutal, however hear me out. Occasionally when someone states this, what they’re really saying is they’re simply not looking for a connection with you. If this is the case, take it as a blessing in disguise. If you have actually a feeling that this is wherein old mate is couchsurfingcook.coming from, head for the hills. Why would you desire to waste your fabulous ass personality and valuable time on someone who’s not interested?

They desire All The Fun v None the The Responsibility

I think in many cases this is the closest come the truth. A many the human being who traction this line out of their pocket space just searching for a means to to speak “I favor sleeping through you, but I don’t desire the duty of couchsurfingcook.committing come you.” They desire the finest of both worlds; having someone they have the right to turn to, yet still being able to play the field. If this functions for you then by all means, go wild. But if this no what she looking for, it could be time to let go and also find someone who willing to provide you the time and also attention you truly deserve.

It’s moving Too Fast and also They’re simply Not In The Same place As You


If who feels favor they’re obtaining into a situation they’re not couchsurfingcook.comfortable with, frequently their an initial instinct is to just cut and run. This may be the instance for old mate. If they feel prefer you’re more along in the relationship and also developing feelings in ~ a much faster rate, they may an outcome to trying to lull you off as gently together possible. Take this together an opportunity to speak to them around what they really want. Possibly you should think about pumping the brakes a bit. After ~ all, you’re shit hot and also deserve someone who thinks that too.

Honestly, It just Depends

Okay, for this reason after every one of that, what it really all boils down to is context. Regrettably there’s no one way to translate “I’m simply not trying to find a connection right now.” For anyone it will certainly be couchsurfingcook.coming native a couchsurfingcook.completely different place and with a different meaning behind it. Fine intentioned or not, that still no a super beneficial phrase come hear if girlfriend are looking for a relationship. And also if you were hoping because that a partnership to develop with this person, hear this is a nice clear cut sign that it’s more than likely not going to happen. At least not any kind of time soon.

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When the couchsurfingcook.comes to dating someone new, you’ll eventually reach a point where friend either need to cut your losses and also run, or jump in head first and really provide it a go. Unfortunately though, if you desire the latter, you both going to have to acquire on board. Finding someone who truly loves and appreciates you for you is one of life’s good joys, and also chances are, friend won’t obtain to this phase with the person.