Address: 502 N. Star Dr.

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Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Community
Acres: 23.60
Restroom: No
Drinking Water: Yes

Park Details

The north Star Park Master arrangement was authorized in July 2018.Alternate Addresses: 452 north Star Drive, 609 Apollo WayNorth Star Dog Park: 439 Milky means
Basketball Court

Madison Parks ranks #1 in the country for the variety of basketball hoops per resident, come examine out the hoops in your neighborhood! many of thebasketball court are easily accessible on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you space planning a new league or tournament watch Athletic field Reservations.

check out all Basketball court north Star Park - Basketball Court Surface: Asphalt Lighted: No Number that Courts: 1 complete
Dog Off-Leash Park

Madison Parks offers 9 fenced, off-leash dog park locations withthree locations, Odana School, Warner and Sycamore, giving a separatesmall dog fence area.

REQUIREDA Dog Park Permitis requiredThe yearly Permit is valid because that one calendar year and accessible after December 1 for the following year.Onsite kiosks are closed as result of COVID-19 safety precautions.REQUIREDA dog license is required for all visiting dogs. City the Madison inhabitants may acquisition through the City Treasurer"s Office.Dogs visiting from other areas are constantly welcome with appropriate licenseand/or inoculations from her town/municipality. Be prepared to display proof if request by a Park Ranger.A dog patent is ONLY available after a rabies vaccination is administered by a veterinarian in ~ 30 days after the dog get 4 months of age. Dogs under 5 month of period or without appropriate vaccinations, are thus not licensed and also are PROHIBITED.REQUIREDDogs must remain on-leash to/from your car to the within of the dog park area.WARNER PARK LAGOONUnlike the water at public beaches, the water in the lagoon at Warner Park is no tested by Public health Madison & Dane County. Always check conditions prior to letting your dog in the water. LEARN MOREPERMIT free DAYMadison Parks in partnership v Dane ar Parks each year offer one "free day" per year when no permit is required. This is frequently in June and also posted at least one month in advance.On July 13, 2016 the plank of Park Commissioners authorized the Policy and Guidelines for Off-Leash Dog Park organization Area standards within the Madison Park mechanism with attachment A. The plan is to plan to guide the Parks division in planning new off-leash dog park (exercise) areas and also to collection standards for responding to requests for the creation of off-leashdog park (exercise) locations in the Madison Parks system. View all Dog Off-Leash Parks phibìc Star Dog Park Location: 439 Milky way Bag Dispenser: correct Benches: correct Fountain: No Fencing: yes Shelter: No Notes: 2 acres, limited off-street parking
Open ar

Madison Parks are a distinct blend of active recreation and passive recreation spaces. Open areas are simply that - open, no pre-designed as a soft ball diamond, or soccer field. These open fields are accessible in this parks to spark her imagination, beat a game of tag, or follow the leader - or anything you deserve to think of! gain your parks!

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With much more than 175 playgrounds throughout Madison, friend are never ever too far from a playground. Follow to the trust for windy Land, Madison ranking #1 in the nation for the variety of playgrounds available. The traditional swings and also slides are always an option, as are brand-new play aspects and fully accessible playgrounds.PLAYGROUNDS for EVERYONEThrough the Madison Parks structure initiative, Madison Parks offers all-inclusive playgrounds in Brittingham Park and also Elver Park, opened in 2019. The structure has a score of 5 completely accessible playgrounds.PLAYGROUNDREPLACEMENTS: HOW and WHENMadison Parks is responsible because that maintaining much more than 175 playgrounds and also began a system-wide replacement initiative in 2013. With present staff and funding resources, replace instead instead are reserved to proceed through 2033. Playgrounds are routinely inspected to evaluate the equipment"sconditions and repair any type of safety concerns. Based upon the period of the equipment and also current conditions, each is offered an audit score.The variety of playgrounds replacedeach year is based on budget allocations, staffing resources, and using the present playground audit score because that prioritization.

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REPLACEMENT PROCESS: NEIGHBORHOOD INPUTAt the begin of the replacement process, notices are sent to the district Alder, ar association representatives, and surrounding residential addresses. Info is additionally posted come theproject website.Generally, two public meetings are hosted to review surfacing and equipment options and make final selections.If you have actually questions about a certain playground or see something broken, please let united state know.

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