Nike Zoom Cage 2 Men"s shoes Scores
Arch Support3.5
Foot Support/Stability3.9
Overall sole Durability4.3
Toe Durability4.9

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Carrying on the legacy of the Max Cages lock replace, the Nike Zoom Cage 2s are solid all-around performance shoes for the significant tennis player. Appropriate out the the box, our playtesters noticed the plush comfort, excellent breathability and a noticeably wide, roomy fit. The assistance from the TPU cage on the top prevented our feet from slide laterally over the leaf of the shoes. However, the more comprehensive fit permitted for a tiny too lot sliding inside the shoes, and our playtesters struggled to acquire a locked-in feel. All in all, the Nike Zoom Cage 2s felt very cushioned and were perfect fit for players with wider feet.

Comfort - Score: 4.3


Our playtesters i found it the plush cushioning that the Zoom Cage 2s as shortly as lock slipped lock on their feet, and also the comfort ongoing to be an excellent throughout the test. Mark felt they fit well and also were all set to go best out the the box. The shared, "The insides of the Zoom Cage 2s were very friendly to mine feet, with no seams or stitching the poked or pinched. The tongue was relatively padded and also helped with the all at once comfort. The end of package they were fine, and I had no concerns with slipping my feet right into a pair minutes prior to playing. The comfort got better as the test wore on, and the uppers never stretched out to the point where the shoes were losing their fit."

Chris preferred the early comfort, and he thought the Zoom Cage 2s got more comfortable as the test went on. However, castle did sell a slightly wider fit for his small feet. The offered, "Like the wait Max Cages, which the Zoom Cage 2s replace, these to be comfortable ideal out the the box. Together the shoes broke-in the ride came to be even more comfortable. The uppers appeared to flex and also move well through my feet. I did find the to the right to it is in very, an extremely roomy. I have narrow feet therefore the overall fit that the shoes was no ideal. However, the supple uppers, nice cushioning and also comfortable ride make it straightforward for me to grab this anytime ns was heading to the court -- high prayer considering I have shelves of pair of shoes to choose from."

Andy enjoyed the plush feel but felt the outer "cage" that the top was a little rigid and also unforgiving. The said, "These shoes are all about the cushioning. A pretty roomy right is additional by a pillow-like feeling all around, including the at sight plush tongue the rests on height of her foot. The Zoom cushioning in the midsole to be comfortable and didn"t ride as well high off the ground. However, the outer TPU cage ~ above the top was really stiff and also didn"t relocate all that naturally on every step. The shoes felt a small bulky top top court, and also this affected the as whole comfort."

Ventilation - Score: 4.3

The breathability the the Zoom Cage 2s was very good and never came to be an concern for ours playtesters. Chris to be impressed. That praised, "I uncovered these pair of shoes to it is in pretty airy ~ above court. Ns think the mesh on the uppers functioned well and the wide fit enabled plenty of air come flow about my feet. Even though I had to wear 2 pairs that socks to assist fill out the broad of these shoes, mine feet never felt overheated throughout play."

Sharing a comparable opinion was Andy, who said, "There"s plenty of exposed mesh underneath the TPU cage in the upper, for this reason breathability was never an concern during the test. Hot air had the ability to escape and cool air to be able to obtain in."


Even once wearing more thickness socks, Mark never ever had problems with breathability. The said, "These shoes enabled my feet to breathe just fine. I do perspire fairly a little when ~ above court, nevertheless of the season, but my feet were never ever the most exhausted part of mine body throughout this test."

Arch assistance - Score: 3.5

Our testers discovered the arch assistance of the Zoom Cage 2s come be reasonably low, yet a strictly midfoot shank assisted stabilize the area throughout aggressive movements. Mark may opt because that an aftermarket insole because that his next pair. He explained, "I would probably include an insert with a little an ext rise come the arch, however I had no concerns wearing this shoes in stock form either. There was sufficient support because that me no issue what type of motion I was making top top court."

Chris" high arcs needed a tiny time come adjust, but as the check wore on he started to grow much more comfortable through the support. The said, "The fit v the arch feel pretty short at first. However, together the shoes damaged in the insoles molded to the shape of my feet. An ext importantly, the shoes featured a solid midfoot shank come ensure plenty of security through the arch area. My arches felt well defended both ~ above lateral moves and also sprints to the net."

Like with various other Nike shoes, Andy struggled v the arch support. The said, "Arch support in Nike shoes is generally an concern for me, and also these shoes to be no exception. I prefer to have some nice press underneath my arches, otherwise mine feet begin to ache at the end of a lengthy day ~ above court. As the test wore on the shoes started to readjust to mine feet and I proficient this ache less and less, but I would like a bit an ext arch support."

Foot Support/Stability - Score: 3.9

There were blended feelings about the support and stability the Zoom Cage 2s offered. Andy feeling protected, however he thought the Zoom Cage 2s didn"t allow him to relocate as normally as he would"ve hoped. He said, "Support and stability were strengths of these shoes. The TPU cage helps provide rigidity and also stopped my feet from going over the side of the shoes during lateral cuts. My feet satellite a little lower in this shoes 보다 they did in the Max Cages, and also that also detailed a little an ext stability. However, the bulkiness and also stiffness influenced the security of the Zoom Cage 2s in a negative method simply since the shoes didn"t flex and also move with my feet all that well. I felt like the Zoom Cage 2s were forcing me to move in a certain means instead of moving with me."

Chris attributed the absence of assistance to the spacious fit inside the shoes. The critiqued, "My main problem was through support. These shoes simply fit very wide for me. Also with two pairs that socks, mine feet were sliding around inside this shoes. Prefer with the Max Cages, I found the fit to be too generous roughly my heels/ankles. I had actually some problems getting a pretty locked-in feel in the rear of the shoes. Fortunately, the ride to be pretty secure so I never felt choose I to be going to role an ankle, nor did ns feel any type of undue anxiety on my joints. The organs of the shoes felt an extremely solid, and also I assumed they resisted twisting well. This shoes would have actually been shooting powder if they had fit my feet better."

Mark also felt the roomy fit affected the support, and he shared, "These pair of shoes are an extremely stable overall, but I had to tighten the laces up a bit an ext to keep my feet in place. I normally wear a dimension 11.5, but size 11.0 would have fit better. The previous wait Max Cage had what seemed choose a little more length, yet this current version is tho a little bit longer 보다 what ns am used to. I carry out prefer the firmer feeling of the hoe cup area that the Zoom Cage 2s compared to the prior model, and I can get a much more confident action to the ball from the firmer rear finish of these shoes."

Overall sole Durability - Score: 4.3


The outsole confirmed to be sufficiently long lasting for our players, and no one found any kind of surprising pattern of wear throughout the test. Chris was far more impressed v the Zoom Cage 2s than various other Nike pair of shoes he"s freshly tested. That said, "These space by far the most resilient Nikes in the existing line-up. The outsoles hosted up for the duration of the test. I have actually a the majority of wear under my best foot"s large toe, but I would certainly have melted through three pairs of Lunar Ballistecs in that precise spot throughout the amount of time i tested this pair. The remainder of the outsoles held up really well and also showed minimal wear."

Andy found more than enough resiliency indigenous the outsoles as well, sharing, "The deep grooves and also strategically placed rubber top top the outsoles gave these pair of shoes pretty good durability. It takes a while come wear under all the rubber come the point of balding. Through that said, by the end of the test i noticed that rubber beginning to stay down, and also pretty shortly the outsole will be worn through. The to trust is above average, but I check out the many aggressive movers wearing with these pair of shoes within a couple of weeks."

Mark discovered the Zoom Cage 2s to it is in on par with other durability-guaranteed shoes. The offered, "I carry out not wear with shoes or rest strings prefer I did once I was a junior player, but I have the right to still gain through a pair of single warranty pair of shoes in much less than 4 months. I"ve to be playing four times a week because that the last month through these shoes, and I would certainly say they are on monitor for the four-month life cycle."

Toe Durablity - Score: 4.9

The toes area that the Zoom Cage 2s hosted up well for our playtesters, and also not even our most aggressive toe draggers were close come wearing with that area. Mark was an extremely impressed with exactly how well they lasted, and said, "I to be a toe dragger, and these shoes had the total package because that me once it pertained to durability. The toe area organized up just and the outsole did throughout the test."

Chris usually puts the toes area the a shoes to the test, and this one passed with flying colors. The praised, "The toes of these shoes showed to be really durable. This shoes held up an extremely well, even after countless hours the play and lots the toe dragging. I have a the majority of scuffing on the left shoe at the toe, but there appears to be lots of material left top top the toe bumper and also upper."

Agreeing v the others, Andy shared, "The toes area is an extremely built up with rubber, and while it showed indications of wear during the check there"s no way I"m wearing through that area of the shoes. I"d imagine even heavy toe draggers (like Chris) would find more than sufficient durability in the area."

Traction - Score: 4.2

For the many part, ours testers really favored the level the traction the Zoom Cage 2s had to offer. Chris feeling they had actually the perfect blend of grip and give to carry out confidence and minimize the anxiety on his joints. That praised, "No complaints native me here! I found ample grip to scamper about the court in my normal fashion if wearing these shoes. I can trust lock to organize when I essential grip for a quick first step. Likewise, this shoes gripped well with enough give to stop my stops from being as well abrupt. I likewise liked the amount of grip and give top top lateral plants."

No matter the court, Mark was feeling great moving about in his pair that Zoom Cage 2s. That shared, "The rubber compound and the tread pattern on this shoes were optimal notch because that me. Ns had complete confidence during directional alters on a difficult court. I never ever felt unsure on any kind of take turn off or landing top top our at home court or the few other outdoor courts i play on."

On the contrary, Andy struggled to acquire a feel for this shoes and never feeling in full control of his movements. That critiqued, "I wasn"t all the impressed with the traction. I slipped in ~ times once I sped up quickly trying come chase under a ball, yet the outsole didn"t always afford me the same give when going because that an aggressive difficult court slide. The traction was simply mediocre come me, and also I didn"t always feel confident knowing just how the shoes would respond to an aggressive cut or quick acceleration."

Weight - Score: 3.6

There to be some mixed feelings as soon as it pertained to the load of the Zoom Cage 2s. Chris assumed they felt heavier than various other Nike shoes, yet he preferred the attributes that came as a byproduct of that added weight. That explained, "These room not the lightest or fastest pair of shoes in the Nike line-up, but you perform get included benefits to go through the included weight. Firstly, the durability to be far better than both the Lunar Ballistec and also Zoom Vapor Tour. The toe and also forefoot additionally proved to be sturdy thanks to the Drag-On format upper. These shoes additionally have a quite solid chassis come them for this reason they market a really stable ride. Considering all of that, I"d say this weren"t in reality that heavy."

Andy was no as tolerant of the weight, and also he feeling bogged down a little bit when moving roughly the court in them. The shared, "While they may not sweet that much, these shoes feeling heavy, bulky and also stiff on court. Castle didn"t flex naturally with my feet, and also I felt they hampered my activity a bit. Prefer I discussed previously, ns was absolutely feeling this shoes while i was scampering roughly the court instead of the shoes relocating naturally through my feet."

On the various other hand, Mark feeling the Zoom Cage 2s were much better than the Max Cage in this category, and also he never felt slowed under on court.

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The praised, "These pair of shoes felt lighter 보다 their predecessors and also are an extremely comparable weight-wise to most of the other sole warranty shoes we have actually in ours system. Ns felt I might accelerate quickly in them, which offered them that lightweight feel."