Nicki Minaj just put ~ above a twerking display screen that is melting down the internet, and this video may just end the controversy of that the best twerker of castle all really is…

The ‘Anaconda’ rapper just posted a video to her 110 Million Instagram followers where she is post up on her bed on every fours twerking to one of her struggle records.

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It seems the rapper chose to show everyone once and also for all that is the QUEEN the twerking.

It Is AMAZING! Period.



Nicki had actually her fans going crazy previously in the day after she post a photo on Instagram v the caption, “When u allow ya man drunk friend take y’all pics I acquired 2 work of pics that all look prefer this. But there’s a lot to celebrate. ♥️?? #Yikes deleting this quickly lol.”

Her fans think this was her informing the work she was pregnant! Why…the celebrate comment.

“u pregnant sis? it is what u celebrating???” one fan stated after seeing the post.

“Pregnant????” one more said.

Nicki poured fuel on the fire after ~ a fan tweeted her about what she is celebrating and also she responded, “life.”

She skated roughly the worries recently on Queen Radion, saying, “I’m no saying ns pregnant. It is the finish goa. Ns think I have actually what i was striving for, just happiness. It to be so tough to get to a happy place. Now that ns there ns don’t want to compromise that for anyone or anything.”

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