Do you want to do a statement on Halloween night? execute you desire to it is in seen, talked about and envied for her confidence and style? A Nicki Minaj costume would be the perfect choice. Over there is nothing subtle around the self-nicknamed Harajuku Barbie. Nicki loves having actually fun and looking good while law so and you can, too, with the best outfit choices.

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Here space some advice for how to do a Nicki Minaj Halloween costume, (and exactly how to obtain some hearts beating choose that supervisor bass):


Pink and White Wig

Step-by-Step Guide


It seems like Nicki has fully different hair every time she renders an figure – long, short, pink, blonde, curly, straight, bright blue or, really, any mix of any of these. This renders for a funny Halloween costume, however how execute you small it down to simply one style? If friend don’t desire to fully change her hair-do for the night, shot a wig. Pretty much anything could work for she costume and also you shouldn’t worry about picking something that you think might not “be Nicki” – chances are, if she hasn’t currently had the style, she will certainly soon. This sexy and also fun pink wig is totally Nicki, but any of these wigs would do the trick.


Turquoise Bob / Pink Bob / environment-friendly Bob/ Pink Wig


As crazy as Nicki’s hair is, her make-up is usually suited come match. Colorful eye-shadow, dramatic eyeliner and also lashes, and, that course, Barbie pink lipstick space all trademarks the Nicki’s look. Promise Tamang Phan has actually a good step-by-step video showing you exactly how to attain the look from the video for “Check it Out.” Nicki also loves equivalent her whole outfit together. Wearing a eco-friendly wig? Then go all out and add some eyelashes and also fake nails, too. Naught is also nuts, therefore just have fun.


Nicki Minaj is not afraid to present off she body, and she is nearly up to a Lady Gaga level that outrageous outfits. She still always finds her way back to among her standards, though: skin tight, black leather. A Catwoman costume fits Nicki’s format perfectly – long, form-fitting pants, with a strappy and revealing top. Don’t want to present so much skin? girlfriend can constantly modify a t-shirt through cutting turn off the sleeves and collar for a an ext edgy look.

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Catwoman Costumes

Hopefully these suggestions will help you put together the a an excellent Nicki Minaj costume. If girlfriend aren’t feeling so adventurous, though, you might take a tip from Nicki herself and also go v a more traditional Halloween costume.