Nicki Minaj has actually a wardrobe break down at the do In America Festival in Philadelphia on September 2, 2018. YouTubeNicki Minaj had actually a major wardrobe break down at the make in America festival in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 2, that left her breasts entirely exposed onstage, but she taken on it choose a queen and also even joked around it later.

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The rapper, 35, was in the middle of performing “Majesty” when the towel slipped come the side, revealing she chest. Minaj took it in stride, just adjusting her top and continuing to sing without missing a beat.

She then referenced the onstage, saying, “You recognize what? Let’s go at it. Castle done saw my nipples at least 50 times tonight,” in a video clip posted by a concertgoer on social media, that captioned it, “Nicki not offering a f—k IS ICONIC.” The “Anaconda” rapper retweeted the clip v a stressed face emoji.

On Monday, September 3, Minaj made that clear the the inadvertently exposure hadn’t bothered her at all, tweeting, “I feeling G R E A T.”

I feel G R E A T

NICKIMINAJ) September 3, 2018

She climate responded come a fan that wrote, “Last night Nicki’s tits stated ‘To FREEDOM!’ and also I don’t have a problem with it.

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Cost-free yourself favor Fantasia said.”

They put on check out thru pasties ~ above me while heading to stage. I simply KNEW they to be my typical (non see v ones) chile… ummmm they were not!