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Bright Pink Wavy Hairdo With huge Voluminous Bangs:This sexy hairstyle indigenous Nicki Minaj is so stunning. With large bangs the curl on she head and chin-length pink tresses, make this on an edgy, i can not forget haircut.Maintenance: EasyTime: 5 to 10 minTechniques: ScrunchProducts: Hairspray, curly enhancer
Fierce Wavy Pink Chin-length Hairstyle:
A sweet noodle candy pink chin length from Nicki is therefore hot. This edgy hairdo is fantastic. Everything from the length, texture, and color is perfect for she skin tone and style.Maintenance: EasyTime: 5 to 10 minTechniques: Scrunch, Curling ironProducts: Smoothing shine, Hairspray, curl enhancer

Multi-colored Blue and also Green Shoulder size Hairstyle:This loud, in-your-face hairstyle is so vibrant and alive. A perfect cut and also color because that a wild child. And this is not your typical hairstyle, for this reason don"t law it choose one, go big or walk home.Maintenance: EasyTime: 5 come 10 minTechniques: punch dry, flat ironProducts: Hairspray

Sexy tiny Red Bob native Nicki Minaj:This sensual temptress haircut is perfect. The dark red color and the length give it a playful and also mysterious look about it. I love that she puts a modern twist on a classic cut!Maintenance: easyTime: 5 come 10 minTechniques: punch dry, flat ironProducts: Smoothing shine, Hairspray

Long and also Sleek Hairstyle through Bangs indigenous Nicki Minaj:Sleek and straight, this fashionable hairstyle is stunning. The bangs add a small texture to the all at once style and also keep it looking fresh and also in style.Maintenance: EasyTime: 5 come 10 minTechniques: flat ironProducts: Smoothing shine, Hairspray
Short black Bob with Blunt Bangs native Nicki Minaj:Nicki Minaj keeps that stylish with this cute little black chin-length bob. Keep it cool with this ultra-chic hairstyle the requires tiny to no maintenance.Maintenance: EasyTime: 5 come 10 minTechniques: blow dry, level ironProducts: Hairspray
Unique Hairstyle For women With lengthy Hair:Nicki Minaj is serious making part hair trends. Complete bangs are sported here, and also volumes to be added. Hair is cut short in the back, as with an to apologize cut, and front layers space long. She silky black color hair compliments the style.Maintenance: EasyTime: 5 to 10 min
Pink medium Wavy Hairstyle:This is a fun, and also exciting hairstyle together Nicki Minaj has actually her hair long and also curly. Because that this look, Nicky is sporting a fancy wig. The hair is parted turn off slightly come one side, v the curls falling lengthy all around. For this haircut, the hair is long. The hair color is pink.Maintenance: EasyTime: 5 to 10 min
Unique Hairstyle because that Women:OMG! Nicki"s wild hairstyle is really the end of this world. Bangs space brushed down, and other layers space brushed up. When I stated up, I average suuuper up! Bangs and also close layers space designed through a leopard print, and also the upper part is frizzed and also colored white with a center accent in black color color. Through this electrifying look, Nicki Minaj will constantly leave a mark.
Long Blonde Hair with colorful Ends:
This is a fun and stylish look as Nicky Minaj has gone with this fun and also exciting hairstyle. Nicki is attract a lengthy wig wherein the hair is all straight. On the forehead, a special fringe comes down to just above the eyes. The hair has been reduced long.Nicki"s hair shade is a mix of countless colors.
Pink Highlights in ~ The End, lengthy Blonde Hair v Bangs:
For this hairstyle, Nicki Minaj is sporting a blonde wig with included color because that extra flair. The hair comes down an extremely long and also curls slightly under at the bottom. A fringe consists the whole front top top the forehead. The hair is cut really long because that this look. This hair color is blonde through pink highlights.
Green Ends, long Blonde Hair through Bangs:
Nicki Minaj is wearing a an extremely long wig for this look. The hair is right with included color in ~ the ends. Top top the forehead, a thick fringe is styled right across.Nicki"s haircut is an extremely long. The hair colour is blonde, with green highlights in ~ the ends.
Colored Pink Hairstyle v Bangs:
Nicki Minaj has gone v this stylish lengthy wig. The hair come down an extremely long ~ above the front and at the back. The fringe is styled throughout onto the forehead come just about eyebrow level. Because that a party or night out, this would be an exciting and also fun look. The hair is reduced long. This hair color is pink.
Very basic Long Blonde Hair v Bangs:
A lengthy hairstyle such together this looks good on Nicki Minaj. Nicki has gone v this an extremely long blonde wig. The hair come down long all roughly except at the forehead, wherein a fringe is styled best across. The look at is chic and classy. The hair has been cut long because that this style.Nicki's hair shade is blonde.
A short Mixed Blonde and also Green fancy Hair:
This is a cute hairstyle together Nicki Minaj has decided to go through this fun and stylish wig. The hair is styled come mid-length and straight. Down at the ends, the hair has been curled slightly under. On the forehead, a fringe is styled right across. The hair is cut to medium length. This hair color is a mix the blonde and green.

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Elegant black Curly Hair in ~ The End:
This is a chic and stylish look together Nicki Minaj has her hair styled long. Starting from the top, the hair comes down directly to around midway. The hair is climate styled into smooth, soft curls. Special bangs are set across onto the forehead in ~ the front. The hair is cut very long. This hair color is black.Techniques: Blow-dryProducts: Mousse, Hair spray, curl enhancer
Twisted Ends, long Black Hair With complete Bangs onto The Forehead:This hairstyle has actually the volume to it as it is long and also thick. Nicki Minaj has really long hair the is styled evenly all around. The hair is parted in the facility with full bangs styled ~ above the forehead. Nicki"s hair is cut an extremely long. The hair shade is black through pink hair extensions.Products: Mousse, Smoothing shine, Hair spray
Full Bangs With lengthy Black Hair and also Pink Extensions:This hairstyle has the volume come it together it is long and thick. Nicki Minaj has very long hair that is styled evenly all around. The hair is parted in the facility with complete bangs styled ~ above the forehead. The hair is cut to a an extremely long length.Nicki's hair color is black through pink extensions.
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